Statement by Seamus Healy TD – Irish Response to Brexit

The imposition of austerity on workers and the poor throughout the EU has had a dramatic outcome in the vote of the majority in the UK to leave the EU. The capitulation of social democratic political and trade union leaders to this imposition by the European Elites has thrown workers into the hands of right […]

MEP demands submissions on Fiscal Treaty are released after Irish government blocks their release

      E.U. says release of Irish submissions would be threat to E.U. stability ·         What did the government say? Wall of Silence must be broken ·         Did government argue for the inclusion of the ‘Blackmail Clause’? Socialist Party / United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin […]

Fiscal Treaty Referendum Results

Total Poll 1,591,385 Invalid votes 7,206 Valid votes – 1,584,179 Yes – 955,091 No – 629,088 Majority 326,003

North Tipperary County Council passes Motion to reject the Fiscal Treaty

A statement issued by Cllr. Séamie Morris today tells how North Tipperary County Council passed a motion calling on the council to” express its opposition to the fiscal compact treaty because it makes permanent cutbacks in public spending and removes the option of stimulating the economy to promote growth”  North Tipperary County council today passed a motion […]

Fiscal Treaty Statement by Seamie Morris

“ Europe is at a crossroads and it is up to the people ofIrelandto take it in the right direction.”   Next Thursday the people ofIrelandwill get the chance to leadEuropeaway from the disastrous journey that it has been taken by the unelected eurocrats in the E C B. Europeis no longer the free trade […]

Morris accuses the yes side of taking the people of North Tipperary for granted

The much awaited debate on the Fiscal/austerity treaty due to take place next Monday night in the Nenagh arts centre has had to be cancelled because the manager of the centre could not get one speaker from the yes side leading me to believe that the yes side think that they don’t need to debate […]

Sinn Féin launch their leaflet called the North Tipperary Republican and their Fiscal Treaty Campaign

Sinn Féin in North Tipperary have launched a new leaflet against the Fiscal Treaty. In a statement issued today Councillor Séamie Morris said, “The Sinn Féin Charles Kickham Cumhann North Tipperary launched their locally printed leaflet against the Fiscal Treaty in the Hibernian Inn on Wednesday last. The leaflet which reflects the economic situation that we […]

Tipperary Alliance For a No Vote

A Tipperary based group has been set up to campaign for a No vote in the forthcoming fiscal treaty referendum. The group is not allied to any political party but consists of individuals who are concerned that every treaty which is pushed through takes away control over our affairs and brings nearer the formation of […]

Objection to Stability Treaty information leaflet

The People’s Association Watchdog would like to formally object to the government’s ‘information’ website and leaflet in regard to the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union. We would further protest the use of any public funds for this document. We believe this contravenes the mcKenna judgement and clearly shows […]

‘Farmers for No’ launch campaign for a No Vote in the forthcoming referendum

The Press Conference will officially launch our campaign for a No Vote in the forthcoming referendum on the EU Fiscal Compact / Stability Treaty and will be attended by Independent TD’s Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and Thomas Pringle who will be our guest speakers. Also Professor Anthony Coughlan, (Associate Professor Emeritus in Social Policy, TCD, and […]

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