Fiscal Treaty Statement by Seamie Morris

“ Europe is at a crossroads and it is up to the people ofIrelandto take it in the right direction.”


Next Thursday the people ofIrelandwill get the chance to leadEuropeaway from the disastrous journey that it has been taken by the unelected eurocrats in the E C B.

Europeis no longer the free trade and co operative that was envisaged by its founders. The E U has developed into a cohesive political unit where larger members such asGermanyandFrancebacked by unelected eurocrats dictate to the rest ofEuropeat will. Indeed one could say thatEuropeis being conquered and the weapon of Choice used by the E C B is Piling debt onto countries until that country waves the white flag of surrender.

Remember all this debt that has been socialised and imposed around the necks of the ordinary people hasn’t disappeared it has just moved from the pockets of those unfortunate tax payers to the super elite. This money in effect has and continues to be stolen from the pockets of ordinary people ( A I B paid out 2.5 billion last week to unsecured bondholders) in broad daylight with the help of our quisling government who have put the profits of the super elite ahead of the money needed for Carers, S N A s, Local Hospitals and Cancer drugs.

Next Thursday you will quite simply be asked to help to further subjugate the Ordinary citizens of Ireland and indeed Europe by putting into our constitution the right to the unelected Eurocrats in the E C B to continue the Austerity programme until our democracy is diminished and we become totally subjugated by the Eurocrats. Remember two democratically elected Governments have already been taken down by these Eurocrats Italy AND Greece (Greece lost their Government for having the cheek to call for a referendum) Please remember next Thursday that You have the chance to reclaim the Republic by voting no this E C B driven Austerity treaty and also you will have the chance to show the Government that you do not agree to their attempts to hand over more power from this proud country to unelected Eurocrats. For the sake of Ireland and the sake of the European dream stop the E C B…. Vote No!

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