New Tipperary County Council Local Authority Climate Action Plan for the period 2024 – 2029

Tipperary County Council has made its Local Authority Climate Action Plan (LACAP) and reaffirmed its commitment to the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (an initiative supported by the European Commission bringing together thousands of local governments that want to secure a better future for their citizens). Every local authority in Ireland is required to […]

Mid-West Humanists will hold an Open Public Meeting on Article 41 Referenda

The Mid-West Humanists will hold an Open Public Meeting on Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 20:00 at the Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick about the Referenda on Friday 8 March 2024 on Amendments nos 39 and 40 to the Constitution, which both would change parts of Article 41. Peter O’Hara of the Mid-West Humanists says: – “Many people […]

Alliance of Age Sector NGOs call for an Independent Commissioner for Ageing and Older People

 The Alliance of Age Sector NGOs, representing seven leading older persons organisations, is calling on all political parties to include a commitment in their manifestos, ahead of the next general election, to establish an Independent Commissioner for Ageing and Older People and to relaunch the National Positive Ageing Strategy (2013) with a strong implementation and monitoring plan […]

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme is now live nationwide. Re-turn has shared further guidance for consumers on how the Scheme works and how to get your deposit refund. My drinks container did not have a Re-turn logo on it, but I was still charged a deposit. Why? Should consumers be charged a deposit on a drinks container, please be assured that you will get your deposit back when you return it empty and undamaged to Reverse Vending Machine Deposit Return Points nationwide. Starting February 1, 2024, retailers have a 4-month transition period during which they can sell both new drinks containers with the Re-turn logo and older drinks containers that do not feature this logo. During this time, drinks containers can incur a deposit in two ways: · By having the Re-turn logo with a registered barcode · By having a barcode that is registered as part of the scheme without the Re-turn logo. During the transition period, there will be old drink containers without a logo and with barcode not registered with the scheme; these drinks containers will not incur a deposit charge. Any consumer who pays a deposit on a drinks container, with or without a logo, during the transition phase will receive a full refund of the deposit when they return the item clean and undamaged to participating shops and supermarkets nationwide. If a consumer is in any doubt about whether their container is eligible for a refund on a deposit, they can visit to verify. Where can I return my bottle and cans? Consumers can return their empty undamaged plastic bottles and cans to participating shops and supermarkets nationwide either through a Reverse Vending Machine or manually, over the counter. For consumers who have paid a deposit on a plastic bottle or can without the Re-turn logo, these containers must be returned through a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) in participating shops and supermarkets nationwide. From 1 June, all drinks containers included in the Deposit Return Scheme will feature the Re-turn logo.   To locate the nearest deposit return point, consumers can visit the Re-turn ‘Where To Return’ map. This map is accessible either by scanning a QR code on Take Back Exemption certificates in stores or supermarkets or by visiting Do I have to return my drinks containers to the shop where bought? No. Consumers can return their drinks containers to any participating retailer regardless of where the drinks container was originally purchased. If returning to an RVM, you must insert all Re-turn drinks containers as instructed and you will then be issued with a voucher which may be redeemed at the till. It is important to note that vouchers issued from an RVM must be redeemed at the same retail outlet. Consumers will also have the choice to receive your refund against a store-bought purchase or in cash. There is no maximum number of drinks bottles or cans that you can return in one visit. What do I do if the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) is not in service? When returning plastic bottles and cans, if a consumer finds a Reverse Vending Machine machine is not working or operating properly, please notify the retailer, so the issue can be resolved. Does this work for self-checkout stations in shops? Some retailers offer the option to redeem vouchers at self-checkout but please check with your local retailer on what options are available.   How do I use the voucher issued by the RVM? Consumers must redeem their voucher in the same store as where plastic bottle and cans are returned through the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM). This voucher can be redeemed in cash or against store purchase at the till. Why is Ireland launching a Deposit Return Scheme? The Deposit Return Scheme is a practical circular economy initiative that aims to create a closed loop recycling system guaranteeing that the material is returned and recycled. The EU has set Ireland a target to separate and collect 77% of plastic beverage bottles and aluminium cans by 2025. This target will rise to 90% in 2029. We currently recycle approximately 60% of drinks containers and Deposit Return is a proven method of increasing recycling rates, with great success in several other European countries.   Re-turn has created an FAQ page on the website for any questions which consumers may have, and they are strongly encouraged to reach out to if they have any further queries.  

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme is now live nationwide.  Re-turn has shared further guidance for consumers on how the Scheme works and how to get your deposit refund.   My drinks container did not have a Re-turn logo on it, but I was still charged a deposit. Why?    Should consumers be charged a deposit on […]

Local Authority Waters Programme invites Tipperary entries to National Photography Competition

Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) has launched a photo competition in Tipperary and nationwide: “My Favourite Waterbody”. LAWPRO is a national shared service working on behalf of the 31 local authorities in Ireland coordinating efforts to achieve good water quality across the country. Speaking at the competition launch, Anthony Coleman, Director of Services at LAWPRO […]

EY Economic Eye: Growth Uplift for Irish Economy Forecast for 2024 as Inflation Tracks Lower and Interest Rate Cycle Turns

EY forecasts Irish GDP to rise by 2.2% in 2024 and 3.8% in 2025; Modified Domestic Demand to grow by 2.2% in 2024 and 2.5% in 2025 Employment forecast to increase by 1.6% in 2024, labour market to remain tight Inflation continuing on its downward trend with EY forecasting inflation at 3% for 2024, returning […]

Tipperary Schools Reminder for Art Competition deadline

Tipperary teachers in primary and second level schools, whose pupils take part in the annual Texaco Children’s Art Competition, are reminded that the closing date for receipt of entries this year is Wednesday, 28th February next. Now in its 70th year, the Texaco Children’s Art Competition is widely acknowledged as the longest running arts sponsorship in Ireland. Details are available at

Guidance for Irish Consumers on Deposit Return Scheme

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme is live. The operator of the nationwide scheme, Re-turn, has the following guidance for consumers.  What will I pay?   A deposit of 15 cents will apply to each drinks container from 150ml – 500mls and a deposit of 25 cents for drinks containers over 500ml to 3 litres.     How will I get […]

Irish Beverage Council and Drinks Ireland welcome the launch of Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

The Irish Beverage Council and Drinks Ireland, the Ibec groups representing the non-alcohol and alcohol beverage industries on the Island of Ireland, welcome the launch of the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Ireland, following a long-term constructive and dynamic partnership across industry, Government, and NGOs. DRS represents a significant change in how beverage manufacturers, retailers, […]

EPA’s Review of 2023 showcases work to address environmental challenges

In 2023 the EPA: Carried out over 1,200 inspections of industrial and waste facilities, along with 205 urban waste water and 154 drinking water site inspections. Obtained 19 convictions for environmental offences. Monitored more than 2,500 waterbodies – with data showing no significant improvement in water quality – largely caused by high nutrient levels. Provided […]

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