IFA and IGG Statement After Meeting with Minister McConalogue

The Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) and the Irish Grain Growers (IGG) met with the Minister for Agriculture yesterday to discuss the Straw Incorporation Measure (SIM).  The delegation made it clear to the Minister that the decision to suspend the straw chopping scheme was unacceptable and should be overturned.   The Minister offered to arrange a […]

Differences in Government on Residential Zoned Land Tax Adding to Farmers’ Anxiety

IFA Farm Business chair Bill O’ Keefe said the different stances being taken by Government parties on the Residential Zoned Land Tax is adding to the anxiety among farmers.   “Last week, Fine Gael supported a motion for its removal, yet this week Fianna Fáil is refusing to address the issue. Surely, they recognise how […]

New Government Report Identifies the Barriers to Climate Action

A report by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications has identified barriers preventing people from taking climate action. The report found that although Irish people have a high awareness of climate issues, they lack urgency surrounding climate action and the individual impact of climate change.   The report draws on extensive conversations with […]

Tirlán Announcement a Wake-up Call for the Government

IFA President Francie Gorman has called the Tirlán cost reduction programme announcement very concerning. He criticised Government policies that are focusing on restricting agricultural production rather than promoting sustainable growth. According to Mr. Gorman the Tirlán programme is a direct result of Government and EU policies.   In his statement regarding the programme he said:  […]

IFA President Says Passing of Nature Restoration Law No Surprise

Francie Gorman has reacted to the passing of the Nature Restoration Law by the EU Council of Environment Ministers this morning. In response to the passing of this, the President of the IFA had this to say:   “It was always likely that the law would pass once the EU elections were over. Farmers will […]

A Significant Increase in Women Elected in Tipperary, but a long way to go to have gender balance #LE24

Women for Election welcomes the significant increase in the number of women elected to Tipperary County Council but notes that there is still a long way to go to tackle the gender imbalance in local government in Tipperary and calls for gender quotas in local elections. The nine existing women Councillors and three new women […]

Micheál Martin Must Clarify Fianna Fáil Position on Nitrates Derogation – IFA

IFA President Francie Gorman has called on Micheál Martin to make clear his party’s position on Nitrates derogation. This follows comments made by Barry Andrews a member of the Fianna Fáil Party on the RTE Prime Time debate last night. “Barry Andrews clearly said he does not support the continuation of the derogation. This is […]

Confirmation from Minister – Dáil Election in the Tipperary Constituency to be held on 8 February 2020

Mr Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government made a special difficulty order this evening (5 February, 2020) in respect of the general election 2020. The making of the special difficulty order means that the election in Tipperary will now proceed on the same day as all other constituencies – on 8 February […]

Calling all election candidates – avoid political jargon and use plain English

With the general election set for Saturday 8 February, we will be hearing a lot more about fresh mandates, manifestos, swing voters, fiscal space, building an Ireland for all and a future to look forward to – but not before the Government is dissolved – just like an aspirin! In response to all this jargon, we at […]

Early Election Expected – Statement by Michael Lowry T.D.

Statement by Michael Lowry T.D. My assessment of the present political circumstances leads me to the firm conclusion that the current Dail will not be given an opportunity to debate a confidence motion in Health Minister Simon Harris. Dail procedures dictate that this confidence motion will not be heard until February 5th.  I expect the Taoiseach will exercise […]

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