Sinn Féin launch their leaflet called the North Tipperary Republican and their Fiscal Treaty Campaign

Sinn Féin in North Tipperary have launched a new leaflet against the Fiscal Treaty. In a statement issued today Councillor Séamie Morris said,

“The Sinn Féin Charles Kickham Cumhann North Tipperary launched their locally printed leaflet against the Fiscal Treaty in the Hibernian Inn on Wednesday last. The leaflet which reflects the economic situation that we live in was produced by a Puckane man who was forced to Emigrate to the U S to find work and with local jobs in mind was printed in Nenagh unlike any of the other leaflets that are being put through peoples doors by the yes side. Addressing the large crowd in the Hibernain inn in Nenagh Town Councillor and North Tipperary County Councillor Séamie Morris said “  Today we had the disgraceful comments from Minister Noonan where he made fun of the desperate situation that the people of Greece find themselves in from forced austerity. This forced austerity comes from the E C B decision to socialise all bank and bondholders illegal debts and hang them like a noose around the necks of the economies of Europe.

This socialisation of illegal gambling debts has brought the economies of Europe to its knees and is having the effect of encouraging the growth of fascism across Europe. We also this week have had comments from Leo Vradker who called Taxi drivers who displayed the Irish flags on their cars as Rascists and Xenophobic I wonder how Michael Collins would feel about that?  The changing attitudes in Europe against forced austerity is leaving this Governments collusion with the E C B Austerity treaty in tatters . Labour and Fine Gael have acted against the best wishes of the Irish people in trying to foist a deadly treaty onto people. Since coming to power this Government have protected the rights of the elite ahead of the rights of the ordinary people that put faith in them. They have paid off bondholders, pumped billions into defunct banks and N A M A, put their cronies onto state boards, broken pay caps for Bankers and spin doctors, protected the people who broke this country from prosecution, rehired civil servants who weeks before received golden handshakes while 400000 people remain on the dole, used forced emigration to show that unemployment is falling. They have held back further bad news like the closure of small Hospitals and the elimation of democratically elected councils while protecting the Elite Seanad until after the treaty vote. People are taking their time to make up their mind in this Treaty and the tide is turning against the Yes vote as Europe wakes up the self protectionism of the Elite Austerity Treaty. The people of North Tipperary didn’t buy into the household charge and they wont buy into this Elitist Austerity Treaty.  I look forward to being one of the few politicians that will actually canvass the people of North Tipperary before the vote on May 31st  Send a message to the unelected officials in the E C B that are running the Economies over a cliff on May 31st  that their policies are not working Vote No.”

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