Tipperary Alliance For a No Vote

A Tipperary based group has been set up to campaign for a No vote in the forthcoming fiscal treaty referendum. The group is not allied to any political party but consists of individuals who are concerned that every treaty which is pushed through takes away control over our affairs and brings nearer the formation of a European superstate dominated by Germany and France.
The group believes that

  • The Fiscal Compact Treaty will do nothing to solve the financial crisis in the Eurozone.
  • The treaty is a further step towards a federal European state.
  • The austerity guaranteed by the treaty is part of a move to make private citizens ultimately pay for bank bailouts.
  • The European Stability Mechanism Treaty on which we are being denied a vote is intertwined with the Fiscal Compact Treaty.
  • This ESM treaty makes Ireland guarantee unlimited funds for future bailouts of insolvent banks and other countries.
  • This ESM treaty gives control over Eurozone financial affairs to an unelected group of bureaucrats who will be immune from legal or parliamentary rules or control.

The Tipperary Alliance For a No Vote intend to liaise with like minded groups and individuals involved in the No campaign. The group has set up a website at www.tipperaryallianceforanovote.com  and intends to host a public debate with a keynote speaker from both sides and an independent chairman. Further details are available on the website or phone 086 0518934 if you would like to be involved.

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