North Tipperary County Council passes Motion to reject the Fiscal Treaty

A statement issued by Cllr. Séamie Morris today tells how North Tipperary County Council passed a motion calling on the council to” express its opposition to the fiscal compact treaty because it makes permanent cutbacks in public spending and removes the option of stimulating the economy to promote growth”  North Tipperary County council today passed a motion […]

Tipperary Alliance For a No Vote

A Tipperary based group has been set up to campaign for a No vote in the forthcoming fiscal treaty referendum. The group is not allied to any political party but consists of individuals who are concerned that every treaty which is pushed through takes away control over our affairs and brings nearer the formation of […]

The Recession, Bank Bailout or our Deficit? Does the Fiscal Compact Treaty Deal with the Cause of the Crisis?

by People’s Association Watchdog What Caused the Crisis? The collapse of the Irish banking system was principally caused by a failure of regulation and the reckless lending practices of the Irish and European banking system. According to the Banking Enquiry: Financial integration in the euro area allowed banks in Ireland unprecedented access to cross-border funding. […]

Open Letter Re Fiscal Treaty Referendum

Dear Representative We are delighted with the decision this week to offer the people of Ireland an opportunity to voice their concerns with regard to the future generations of Irish citizens and the current social slaughter being carried out by the government to suit private bankers. It was a true showing of political courage and […]

MEP Condemns Enda Kenny for “peddling falsehoods” on Treaty negotiations

·        German Minister confirms Treaty was designed to avoid Irish referendum ·        A referendum must be held on Fiscal Compact Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy today demanded that Taoiseach Enda Kenny gives a clear explanation to the Irish people on the negotiations around the Fiscal Compact following an interview given by German Minister for European […]