Morris accuses the yes side of taking the people of North Tipperary for granted

The much awaited debate on the Fiscal/austerity treaty due to take place next
Monday night in the Nenagh arts centre has had to be cancelled because the
manager of the centre could not get one speaker from the yes side leading
me to believe that the yes side think that they don’t need to debate the treaty
with the no side as they think that they have won already therefore taking the
electorate in North Tipperary for granted. Coming the day after the slip of the
tongue from Richard Bruton who has shown total disrespect for the electorate
when he let it slip that if the Irish people vote no they will be ignored and they
will be made vote again. This shows that the Yes side are in total disarray
because they know that because of events in Europe the treaty is already
outdated No leafleting no canvassing and no debating from the Yes side shows
utter disrespect for the electorate of North Tipperary.

Yours sincerely Cllr.
Séamie Morris 18/05/15

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