Our First Victory! Beware of the Risen People – Seamus Healy TD

Our First Victory! Beware of the Risen People – Seamus Healy TD Statement by Seamus Healy TD “OUR FIRST VICTORY! BEWARE OF THE RISEN PEOPLE Whatever way Charlie Flanagan and the government or the media wish to present today’s capitulation on the RIC commemoration, it is a definite victory for people power. Sincere thanks to […]

Seamus Healy TD calls on Taoiseach in the Dáil to Reopen the A&E departments at Nenagh General Hospital and Ennis Hospital, to reopen Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel

As Numbers on HOSPITAL TROLLEYs reach Second Highest Figure Ever- Seamus Healy TD called on Taoiseach in the Dáil to Reopen the Accident and Emergency departments at Nenagh General Hospital and Ennis Hospital, to reopen Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel and to lift the GOVT BAN on both extra staffing and home help hours.-BUT TAOISEACH REFUSED […]

Proud of Soloheadbeg and Tipp contribution to First 32 County Dáil – Seamus Healy TD

I am Proud to Serve the People of Tipperary and I am proud of the Action of our Volunteers at Soloheadbeg On this, the hundredth anniversary of the first meeting of Dáil Éireann, we can remember with pride the hand that the people of Tipperary had in the creation of the Ireland of today.  It […]

Healy Introduces Emergency Housing Bill 2018

On Thursday last, Deputy Seamus Healy introduced the Housing Emergency Measures in the Pubic Interest Bill (HEMPI) 2018 to Dáil Éireann. This Bill seeks to declare formally the housing and homelessness crisis a national emergency. The Bill provides for the delimiting of the rights of landlords, banks and finance houses, including vulture funds, in order […]

Some Calculation on Tax Relief Backing Seamus Healy’s Budget Speech

by Paddy Healy on behalf of Seamus Healy TD The Minister says his income tax and USC measures are to “ease the burden on those and low and middle incomes.”  This is a deliberate Falsehood on the part of the Minister Because of the band system for Income Tax and USC, the richer income recipients( […]

Recall The Dáil Immediately To Declare National Housing Emergency-Seamus Healy TD

Deputy Seamus Healy has called for the immediate recall of the Dáil to declare a Statutory National Housing Emergency to deal with the crisis in Housing and Homelessness. He Said: “The Dáil should be recalled immediately to legislate for a housing emergency, to declare a moratorium on all evictions until the emergency is over, and […]

Tonight’s Meeting on Housing and Homelessness in Clonmel to be addressed by Mike Allen, Director Of Advocacy, Focus Ireland – Seamus Healy

This Christmas morning over 3,000 children will wake up in hotel bedrooms and bed and Breakfast accommodation. Successive governments including Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party stopped local authorities building social houses. They handed social housing over to private developers and the private market. As a result, we have a National Housing and Homelessness […]

South Tipperary General Hospital Press Statement – Save Our Acute Hospital Services Committee

The Save Our Acute Hospital Services Committee welcomes the long awaited approval for the construction of a 40 bed modular inpatient unit at South Tipperary General Hospital announced by the Minister for Health last Friday. The announcement is the culmination of almost 2 years work and pressure by the Committee, patients and their families, hospital […]

Seamus Healy TD calls for Strike to stop hundreds of evictions of Tipp Families facing Repossession

Seamus Healy TD: Yesterday’s statement by the Taoiseach confirms that this Government will persist with its disastrous housing policy. It is now obvious that a one-day general strike will be necessary to bring this Government to its senses. Listen Live To Seamus’ Dail Speech  https://youtu.be/UKRKNPEeIAA Tipperary homeowner says his ‘back is to wall’ as hundreds […]

Water Charges Can Now Be Phased back in to Operation over Time, Probably After the Next General Election! – Seamus Healy TD

Fianna Fáil have voted against several amendments to the recommendations on water charges which Fianna Fáil, itself, proposed last week. On all key row-back amendments, the Labour Party, the Greens and Noel Grealish (IND) voted with FF and Fine Gael at the Committee Then the Labour Party and the Greens, hard-line supporters of charging for water […]

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