Dáil Eireann Declares Climate Emergency and Endorses Blueprint for Climate Action

Dáil Eireann has tonight voted [1] to declare a “Climate Emergency” and ” accept and endorse” the blueprint for action developed by the cross-party Committee on Climate Action. Reacting, Oisin Coghlan, Coordinator of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, said: “This is a radical mandate for climate action from the Dáil. It really puts it up […]

Healy Introduces Emergency Housing Bill 2018

On Thursday last, Deputy Seamus Healy introduced the Housing Emergency Measures in the Pubic Interest Bill (HEMPI) 2018 to Dáil Éireann. This Bill seeks to declare formally the housing and homelessness crisis a national emergency. The Bill provides for the delimiting of the rights of landlords, banks and finance houses, including vulture funds, in order […]

Statement On The Passing Of Sean Treacy, Former Mayor Of Clonmel – Martin Lonergan

It was with sadness that I learned this morning of the passing of Seán Treacy, former Mayor and member of Clonmel Corporation, member of Dail Eireann, former Cathaoirleach and County Councillor for South Tipperary, former Ceann Comhairle of Dail Eireann and former MEP for Munster. Seán was first elected to Dáil Éireann at the 1961 general election, as a […]

Seamus Healy TD calls for an end to evictions and formal declaration of a housing emergency

Speech on Planning Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Bill 2016 From Official Dáil Record  07/12/2016 Deputy Seamus Healy: In the short time available to me, I will address in the main the residential tenancy aspects of the Bill. The Bill is a pretence. It purports to give protection to tenants when properties in which there are […]

North Tipperary LEADER calls on communities to support LEADER Rally in Dublin

LEADER Rally: 9th July at Dáil Eireann Keep LEADER in the Community: NO to Alignment North Tipperary LEADER Partnership, and other Local Development Companies from across the country, is calling on communities to support the forthcoming LEADER Rally in support of the retention of the bottom-up approach of LEADER, by local development companies.  The rally will […]

Dail Motion to protect Post Office Network-Seamus Healy TD

Statement by Seamus Healy TD    I will be proposing a private members motion in the Dáil in the coming week. The motion which is supported by independent deputies, Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil is designed to protect and strengthen the network of  post offices. The motion will be debated for 1.5 hours beginning at 7.30pm on next […]

Healy – Government Economic Policy has Failed, it is Frankfurts way as Enda becomes Germanys European of the Year

Speech by Seamus Healy TD, Workers and Unemployed Action Group (South Tipperary)  087-2802199 Debate on Economy, Dáil Éireann, OCT 25   Government Economic Policy has Failed. Government is Destroying Jobs  at home while Grovelling to the robber barons of Europe abroad. It’s Frankfurts way not Labours way as Enda becomes Germanys European of The Year […]

A Tribute to Dr Garret Fitzgerald (9 February 1926 – 19 May 2011)

Prominent International figures have paid tribute to Dr Garret Fitzgerald who sadly passed away this morning at the Mater private hospital in Dublin this morning following a short illness. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said it was with “great sadness” that he learned of the death of Dr Garret Fitzgerald.  In a message to […]

How Does the Voting System in Ireland Work?

Ireland’s voting system is one of Proportional Representation using the single transferable vote in multi-seat constituencies.  Article 16 of the Constitution states that all citizens who have reached the age of eighteen years and who are not disqualified by law can vote in elections for Dáil Éireann.  Voting is done by secret ballot with each […]

2011 General Election Candidates for South Tipperary

Name: Michael Brown Party: Sinn Fein Michael Brown took a seat on Cashel Town Council in 1985; he lost it in 1999 even though he increased his vote, and regained the seat in 2004.  Michael Brown is currently the Mayor of Cashel. Name: Tom Hayes Party: Fine Gael Website: tomhayes.ie Tom Hayes is a native […]

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