Second General Election in 2016 now 7/4

BoyleSports can report that the plunge on a second general election to take place before the end of 2016 hasn’t shown any signs of drying up. Initially installed at 11/2 it’s now 7/4 from 2/1 that we will be heading to the polling stations for a second time before the year is out.  The odds […]

Morris Questions Reliability Of Kelly Promises

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has followed up his recent criticism of the depths to which the Irish Health Service has been allowed to fall, by questioning whether promises from Minister Alan Kelly can be counted upon at all. He was speaking after the release of a video in which he […]

Morris Disturbed By Depths Health Service Allowed To Sink

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has expressed his horror at stories he has heard whilst canvassing about the health service in Tipperary. He was speaking while canvassing in Cashel, before heading on to Templemore. Cllr Morris said: “I hear more and more stories as I canvass that would shock any normal […]

Doorsteps Cry Out Against Broken Promises – Healy

The most consistent and angriest complaint on the door steps is of broken promises and the resultant targeting of those on low and middle incomes for cuts and new taxes.   When considering promises and announcements by Labour and Fine Gael in this General  Election Campaign, voters are considering what happened to the promises they […]

Labour TD’s pledge on Irish Water a clear attempt to mislead electorate – Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West and Director of Elections Matt Carthy has stated that the actions of some Labour TDs in signing the SIPTU pledge on a referendum to ensure that Irish Water remains in public ownership will do nothing to restore the trust of the Irish people. Speaking in advance of […]

No repossessions Write down mortgages to current value – Collins

Joan Collins TD today slammed the Fine Gael-Labour-Troika plan to give more power to the banks to repossess family homes. Calling for a mortgage write-down, Joan Collins said: “This new threat of repossession will make christmas a miserable time for many families. The Troika have been pushing the banks to get heavy with people who […]

Morris accuses Labour of abandoning their principles

“  Morris Claims that Labour have capitulated to Fine Gael In Government”   In the same week that the Labour party held their 100 anniversary in Clonmel the party have all but abandoned their principles and indeed the people that voted for them in Tipperary by tearing up their pre election contract with the electorate. […]

Our state obsession with deferring to others is killing this country – Letters

Ireland as a country has had an obsession with deferring power to others so that we can blame everyone else for our own problems. Before this state was formed we liked to defer to the British(some still dream of the return of British rule) we then deferred to the Catholic church and now thanks to […]

Kickham Barracks closure ‘difficult to justify’ – Prendergast

Labour MEP Phil Prendergast has said that closing Kickham Barracks in Clonmel would be difficult to justify as it would not appear to save money in the foreseeable future. “Looking at the information available it is difficult to see any sense in closing Kickham Barracks. “I have sent Minister Shatter a report based on my […]

Prendergast Hails Eu Law To Tackle Online Child Pornography And Abuse

Labour MEP for Ireland South Phil Prendergast said a new EU directive on sexual exploitation of children and child pornography is “a major step forward for the detection and prevention of child abuse”. The European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday voted for a range of measures that include: •        making online “grooming” a […]

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