United Left Alliance demand ICTU call for NO vote on Austerity Treaty

European Trade Union confederation (ETUC) & 3 major Irish unions call for no vote; ICTU must follow ? Austerity Treaty will result in major increase in job loses The United Left Alliance today held a lobby at the meeting of the Executive of ICTU to call for a No vote on the Fiscal Treaty Referendum. […]

United Left Alliance calls on ICTU to endorse a NO vote for the Fiscal Treaty

The United Left Alliance is calling on the leadership of ICTU to maintain a consistent position on the Fiscal Treaty and call for a NO vote when they meet this Friday to decide their position. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) to which the ICTU is affiliated has come out against the Fiscal Treaty. [We […]

Household Tax site in breach of privacy law

Socialist Party / United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin and anti-household tax campaigner, Paul Murphy, has lodged a complaint with the Data Commissioner about the Household Tax site, www.householdcharge.ie. “The government is starting to roll out a massive propaganda campaign to get people to register for and pay the unjust household tax. However, the site […]

MEP condemns Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s dismissal of referendum

Socialist Party and United Left Alliance MEP, Paul Murphy, has condemned Taoiseach Enda Kenny for comments he made yesterday on potential changes to the Lisbon Treaty and the possibility of a referendum. “The sheer arrogance with which Taoiseach Kenny dismissed the democratic right of the Irish people to have a say in their own future […]

2011 General Election Candidates for South Tipperary

Name: Michael Brown Party: Sinn Fein Michael Brown took a seat on Cashel Town Council in 1985; he lost it in 1999 even though he increased his vote, and regained the seat in 2004.  Michael Brown is currently the Mayor of Cashel. Name: Tom Hayes Party: Fine Gael Website: tomhayes.ie Tom Hayes is a native […]