What’s Left Survey Findings prove water and property taxes are unfeasible

Anti household tax campaigners have said that survey findings that over 1.8 million people have only €25 per week left after paying their bills “prove that it is not feasible for the government to believe that it can impose water and property taxes on people who are already completely strapped for cash”. “The Irish League […]

Home tax boycotters won’t be bullied by letters

‘A million people can’t be taken  to court,’ says Campaign The government has ordered local councils and the LGMA to send  warning letters to non- payers of the household tax in an attempt to panic people and break the  boycott. Responding to the news, Cllr Ruth Coppinger of the CAHWT said: “We say to the more than […]

Water already paid for – new tax will meet mass resistance

The Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) predicts mass opposition to any attempts to impose a tax on water. Householders simply cannot take another burden, following household and a likely property tax. The CAHWT pledges to organise a mass grassroots campaign on this issue in every estate, town and village. “Water is already paid […]

Labour conference to be picketed over home tax

The Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) will be protesting at the Labour Party Conference in NUI Galway this Saturday. The CAHWT will be calling for a scrapping of the home tax, given its manifest unpopularity with 50% of households refusing to register. The protest assembles in Eyre Square at 1pm. “Labour opposed local […]

Hogan’s home tax ‘rewards’ a recipe for inequality

Minister Hogan’s comments about rewarding councils who ‘pull out all the stops’ to collect the Household Tax would create massive inequality between wealthy and poorer council areas. “Those boroughs with a higher number of wealthier residents who can afford to pay the tax would be given even more government funding, while less well-off districts would […]

9 TDs Demand Accurate Reporting of Registration Figures

The 9 TDs supporting the Boycott of the Household Tax today demand that the Agency responsible for collecting the Household Tax and Media report strictly accurate figures relating to the total numbers of households and this should include an account of those: a) required to register b) numbers registered and c) numbers paid. In recent […]

Continuing Government confusion over the household tax highlights just how

out of touch they really are. Whilst senior Labour ministers sowed further confusion in the minds of many over the weekend as the persistently low registration figures for the new household tax continue to perplex the government, the real reason why just 328,000 out of a total 1.8 million homeowners have registered for the new […]

Cllrs condemn use of council staff to target non-payers

Councillors from all over Ireland have condemned plans for any instruction from Phil Hogan’s office to local authorities to create “household charge collection teams” that will target non-payers and knock on people’s doors after April 2. The councillors argue against any such initiative on the grounds that it would be totally outside the terms and […]

Registration panic shows household tax boycott still going strong

The media campaign by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) responsible for collecting the household tax reflects the real government concern now about the level of boycott of the charge. “The LGMA were unwilling or unable to give the registration figures for the weekend but at least 1.5 million have still not registered. This can […]

Idle threats over house tax registration

Reports in the media that the government will use ESB data to identify those taking part in the mass boycott of the Household Tax show desperation by the government. Threats to deduct the money from people are similarly groundless. “The attempts to trawl around for this information prove the government will not be able to […]

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