Healy – Government Economic Policy has Failed, it is Frankfurts way as Enda becomes Germanys European of the Year

Speech by Seamus Healy TD, Workers and Unemployed Action Group (South Tipperary)  087-2802199

Debate on Economy, Dáil Éireann, OCT 25


Government Economic Policy has Failed. Government is Destroying Jobs  at home while Grovelling to the robber barons of Europe abroad. It’s Frankfurts way not Labours way as Enda becomes Germanys European of The Year


TAOISEACH Enda Kenny is to receive a special award from a German business group for being a good European-the ‘Golden Victoria European of the Year 2012′. Clearly German business recognises their real friends. With government satisfaction at the lowest point since it came to office, we can be sure that neither the Taoiseach nor the Tanaiste would make the grade as “irish person of the year”  


Figures issued by the Central Statistics Office  show a complete failure of government job creation policy. Despite government claims to be prioritising job creation, the number at work has decreased by 33,400 over the year since June 2011. Clearly the government is operating a job destruction policy. Approximately 10,000 employee and self-employed  positions were destroyed in the private sector. Excluding temporary census staff, 20,500 jobs were eliminated in the public sector. These include many nursing and other frontline positions.


Unemployment increased by 4000 in the past year and emigration continued unabated. Based on the Quarterly National Household survey figures the CSO estimates that the excess of emigrants over immigrants in the past year is about 37,000 with more than 70,000 leaving the country each year. Without emigration unemployment would have reached even more horrendous proportions.


Sixty per cent or 6 out of 10 people unemployed are now long term unemployed (over 1 year out of work), up from 53% one year ago.


With most big international investors in our banks now paid off by the state with borrowed money , interest payments of 7 billion are leaving the country from state coffers each year. The country is being bled dry by European banks with government collusion. Government is faithfully carrying out the policies of the “bagmen for European Banks-the Troika”


Twenty five billion has been taken out of the economy over the past 4 years to satisfy these blood-suckers with the deficit being reduced by only 5 billion.


Austerity is patently not working. That is a widespread view held by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Social Justice Ireland. Siptu President Jack O’Connor has accused the Troika of sabotaging Ireland’s chances of recovering from the economic crisis. “They are insisting on sticking to a strategy that has failed spectacularly in Ireland and across Europe piling misery on working people and their families.” , he said in anticipation of the Troika’s pat on the back for the government to-day.

The IMF now accept that the cuts are more damaging to the economy than they originally calculated. Even the EU commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Lazlo Andor has said that too much austerity is being prescribed in the current crisis and a better way must be found to ensure growth.

Many people are now hungry.A recent scholarly survey by Caroline Carney (General Council of the Bar of England and Wales) and Bertrand Maître (ESRI) has shown that more than 10% of families experienced food poverty in 2010. With austerity under this government continuing ,we can be sure that hunger has become even more widespread.


The Credit Union movement’s survey shows that poverty is worsening with over 40% of families have less than 100 Euro left each month after paying bills.


Reaching the deficit targets set by the Troika represents failure not success when almost half a million are unemployed and hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave the country.


This collusion with European robber barons must end.


In the words of Connolly, there is a need for the Reconquest of Ireland by her people


The British landlords of old have now been replaced by European finance houses with the Irish government as their bailiffs and squireens.


The first steps in the Reconquest of Ireland must include:

·         Stop the repayment of outstanding bonds

·         Stop honouring promissory notes

  • Stop cuts in public services,  state benefits and pay
  • Tax the assets of the super-rich—the total assets of the top 300 Irish asset holders increased by twelve billion over the two years to December 2011 to a new high of 62 billion or over 200 million each
  • Commence large scale state investment in infrastructure including communications
  • Commence large scale state investment in high-tecnological industry to employ the jobless and keep our young people at home


It is 100 years since Larkin and Connolly proposed the establishment of a an All-Ireland Labour Party in Clonmel at the meeting of the Irish Trade union Congress. Connolly in his day castigated yellow Labour leaders who were lapdogs for the rich.

I have no doubt that he would not spare the yellow Labour  leaders of to-day who are working hand in glove with the bagmen for the European

Banks to squeeze the life out of the Irish people.

I say to Eamonn Gilmore—In Gods name go from this government now before it does further damage to Ireland and its people

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