Open Letter Re Fiscal Treaty Referendum

Dear Representative We are delighted with the decision this week to offer the people of Ireland an opportunity to voice their concerns with regard to the future generations of Irish citizens and the current social slaughter being carried out by the government to suit private bankers. It was a true showing of political courage and […]

“Irish people reject the notion of a tax on their homes”

“Irish people reject the notion of a tax on their homes while bondholders reap the rewards casino economics” The notion of a new tax on Irish people while Bondholders gorge on Irish Taxes is not going down well with the Sovereign people of Ireland with only 4% of people registered to pay the “poll tax”. […]

Personal Insolvency Bill, reaction from The People’s Association Watchdog

Dear Representative, The People’s Association Watchdog welcome the initiative by the government to introduce a personal insolvency bill and we recognise that the one put forward by ministers Shatter and Noonan this week is a good starting point but is unworkable in it’s current format. The People’s Association Watchdog are primarily focused on those people […]

GOAL Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir, Mark Bowden, the UN’s chief aid representative in Somalia, says that during the past year the Horn of Africa drought and famine crisis has claimed “tens of thousands of lives” in Somalia alone. Mr. Bowden estimates that the famine will last for at least another six or seven months, and during that time […]

Government in denial over the depth of despair caused by the austerity measures

The recent scandalous comments by Michael Noonan where he claimed that the emigration forced on Irish People with the collapse of the Economy “was merely a choice of lifestyle” beggar’s belief from a minister with his head stuck up the jumpers of the Euro fascists that are running Europe over a cliff. The fact is […]

Criminal Gangs Running Protection Racket

We Need To Be the Change that we want, we can complain all day long but that will achieve nothing, we need to take direct action against these bullies, these criminals, if we are too scared to do it for ourselves then we should do it for our children. Any parent worth their salt would […]

Morris welcomes works for Puckane and Dromineer

I would like to welcome the proposal to dedicate 29,000 euros of Communtiy Sport and Cultural grants towards the playground in Dromineer. I have called for the upgrading of this playground which is a very well used facility and North Tipp county council has also promised to cover the cost of the necessary groundworks  North […]

Petition to President to call for a Referendum on ESM Treaty

Dear Sir /Madam The People’s Association Watchdog have petitioned the President to request that he use the powers of his office to call for a referendum on the ESM treaty. We are completely opposed to Enda Kenny TD seeking to use the judgement of the Attorney General to define such a crucial issue without the […]

Our state obsession with deferring to others is killing this country – Letters

Ireland as a country has had an obsession with deferring power to others so that we can blame everyone else for our own problems. Before this state was formed we liked to defer to the British(some still dream of the return of British rule) we then deferred to the Catholic church and now thanks to […]

The Charities Aid Foundation has designated Ireland as the second most charitable nation on earth

Dear Sir, The Charities Aid Foundation has designated Ireland as the second most charitable nation on earth, behind only the USA, on its 2011 World Giving Index. Such a high placing will come as no surprise to those of us who have for decades witnessed at first-hand the extraordinary generosity of the Irish people. Since […]

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