Criminal Gangs Running Protection Racket

We Need To Be the Change that we want, we can complain all day long but that will achieve nothing, we need to take direct action against these bullies, these criminals, if we are too scared to do it for ourselves then we should do it for our children. Any parent worth their salt would do whatever it takes to protect their child and that is exactly how we need to see this situation, what are we doing to protect our kids from what is being taken from them now and what will be increasingly taken from them as they grow up?

If a gang of criminals come to your door everyday and demand money from you, they demand that you give them far more than you can afford, they threaten to make your life unliveable by vandalizing your property, smashing your water pipes and cutting your power lines, they threaten to damage your health, they threaten to chase you out of your home and onto the street to fend for yourself and your children.
You know that if you give them all they ask for, then you won’t be able to take care of your children properly, you won’t be able to buy them gifts at Christmas or Birthdays, no new clothes, you won’t be able to give them a safe and proper diet and to pay for school books and uniforms, you will have to go without basic meals, but even after all of this you know that the criminal gang will make more demands from you.

What can you do in this situation? What can anyone do in this situation?

One could be forgiven for drawing comparisons between this organized criminal gang and the current ruling and political classes in Ireland, assessing the similarities we could compare how the banks use our elected government as the front men in their criminal gang, they get them to do their dirty work for them, the banks (Mob Bosses) apparently lost a lot of money from bad gambling, so we have to give them all the money that they lost, our pension fund has been stolen, our health service, education system, social welfare, infrastructure and state assets are all being pillaged, piece by piece day after day we are being robbed by the bankers who lost their gambling bets…. Not my money or your money, the money they lost was the money of the owners of these banks, the mega wealthy financial industrialists that tell the Irish government ministers (local gang bosses) that every single woman, man and baby in Ireland must be threatened, intimidated and bullied to give them the money that they claim that they lost, to do this gang laws need to be introduced in the neighborhoods and if people are refusing to pay into this protection racket then we will send in the enforcers (Gardaí), they can take them from their home to another location and hold them until they agree to pay up.

Not one Banker has lost his home, those that lost there jobs were not laid off like 200,000+ of ordinary Irish people in the last 2 years, these very few bankers were “Retired” into pasture with huge chunks of money that made them even more wealthy, a payoff that can only be seen as a reward, they received payoffs and pensions that would make a lotto win look like chump change, most of the bankers chose not to retire and are still at the helm of this sinking ship we call Ireland, they continue to get every benefit imaginable and massive wages, all courtesy of us, the struggling and betrayed ordinary Irish citizen.

Don’t wait for Change, Make the Change, Join online groups such as…ivity or

Look out for local groups who are fighting back to save their children from the imposed poverty, protest openly with all groups that are fighting back, regardless of their campaign because only when we support one another can we put these criminal gangs out of business. For Good.

Patrick Grant

People’s Association Watchdog

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