IMF document a timely reminder that water tax will quickly follow property tax bringing us a step closer to €1,000 per year in unjust charges

Responding to the news that IMF documents reveal that the government has told the EU Commission that it expects to raise initially €0.5 billion from water charges Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes spokesperson Ruth Coppinger said: “This document is a timely reminder to householders up and down the state that the water tax will […]

Government in denial over the depth of despair caused by the austerity measures

The recent scandalous comments by Michael Noonan where he claimed that the emigration forced on Irish People with the collapse of the Economy “was merely a choice of lifestyle” beggar’s belief from a minister with his head stuck up the jumpers of the Euro fascists that are running Europe over a cliff. The fact is […]

Europe Needs Decisive Action, Not Sub-Prime Measures – Prendergast

Labour MEP for Ireland South Phil Prendergast urged EU Member State government leaders to take decisive action to avert further deterioration of the Eurozone crisis. Speaking ahead of next Sunday’s European Council summit, Ms. Prendergast said: “The sovereign debt crisis is a consequence of an economic crisis triggered by the near-implosion of a reckless financial […]

The Revisionist Hypocrisy of Fine Gael and Labour

by Seamie Morris The last few weeks ever since Deputy First Minister of the six county Government Martin McGuiness decided to legitimately throw his name in the Presidential race we have seen disgraceful revisionism from Fine Gael and Labour. Of course this is nothing to do with Martin McGuiness himself and all to do with […]

Noonan in denial over €75 billion Anglo Irish promissory note – Doherty

Sinn Féin finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty has today accused the Minister for Finance of being in denial over the total cost to the State of the Anglo Irish Bank Promissory Note. Deputy Doherty’s comments were made after an exchange today with the Finance Minister during question time in the Oireachtas at which the Minister was […]

Mayor Morris defends his comments regarding Queen’s visit

Dear Sir, In reply to last week’s Article . The comments I made were at an Easter Sunday commemoration as a Sinn Fein Councillor, I was not on the day wearing any chain of office nor was I trying to use any Office to amplify my concerns. I believe that my opinion that the Queen […]