Mayor Morris defends his comments regarding Queen’s visit

Dear Sir,
In reply to last week’s Article . The comments I made were at an Easter Sunday commemoration as a Sinn Fein Councillor, I was not on the day wearing any chain of office nor was I trying to use any Office to amplify my concerns.
I believe that my opinion that the Queen of England should not have been invited to Cashel, Tipperary is a reasoned one and in reply to  Councillor Delaney say that The Divine authority that I claim to speak from is the authority of “Basic Common Sense” that tells me that Monarchy in all its forms is a poor choice of self governance and this particular Monarchy arose out of a conquest, and not out of society.
Also, She represents a rule and realm that has indeed “inflicted terrible pain on this nation”.  Appropriate redress and apology should be offered first by the Queen to the people of Ireland before we throw ourselves out in forelock tugging adoration of this Monarchy.
This same Feigning attitude towards our current aristocracy of EU-IMF overseers by our Government is a continuance of this servile “respect your betters” and “know your place” mind conditioning and is repugnant to any independent minded Irish man or woman regardless of political conviction.
This phenomenon I believe we seem to collectively suffer from as a Nation was also referred to in Morgan Kelly’s widely read Saturday Irish Times article (“Ireland‘s future depends on breaking free from bailout”) as “Stockholm Syndrome”.
We as a Nation, have Stockholm Syndrome and have become beholden, enamored, servile and cooperative with our latest captors again.
Here we are 3 years on from, Economy in tatters , unrealistic levels of debt guaranteed on failed banks, loss of sovereignty , record dole and emigration numbers again and Councillor Delaney’s and perhaps Fine Gael’s answers to us are “Bring the Queen Over”.
Might  I ask Councilor Delaney “Is this the new FG/LAB Government “Jobs Budget/Initiative” package for Tipperary?”  Or has Councillor Delaney any other groundbreaking “Jobs initiatives” to announce that Fine Gael have to kick start our economy in Tipperary?  Can he please point out what actual Jobs this FG led Government has actually provided for and not speak vaguely with waffling promises of jobs with future paychecks that are not being cashed this weekend.
In reply to his remark that “his party need to get real and put forward constructive ways of helping the country instead of the occasional ‘wrap me up in the tricolour politics’ and revolutionary claptrap.”
In case Cllr Delaney did not notice, Sinn Fein got real and had put forward a constructive, credible and costed proposal for National Recovery during the last General Election.
Many points from this are still valid and relevant today, many alternatives we offered in our manifesto (“There is a better way”) including  that the Bondholders should have taken more “pain” and Irish people less.  Other proposals such as, the disengagement of Private Bank and Public debt  prior to the election have since been acknowledged as a better  alternative than what the current caretaker government have rubber stamped for their Overlords.  Sinn Fein proposed  to use 7.6 Billion from our National Pension Reserve Fund on a 3 year jobs initiative that would have seen 160,000 off the dole queues. Instead the current Government raids the same fund,  and dumps over 15 Billion plus of NPRF money into insolvent banks in the 5th and only the latest round of Bank Bailouts earlier this month.

The new Government  have flip flopped more from their election promises than a trout on a slippery dip. Similar to the last Dail, The Government  have refused to grow a backbone and have instead become beholden and smitten with their new overlords, all the while compliantly being abetted by their Labour party cohorts who obediently sign off to all their EU-IMF Masters orders.
Rome burns down and everybody still fiddles.
The reality is that we have merely replaced our “bookkeepers” since the last election. This new FG/LAB Coalition is mutton dressed up as lamb. Both this and the previous government have chartered identical courses of action adhering to the 4 year plan and EU-IMF Agreement with minimal tinkering.
Sinn Fein advised correctly that bondholders should take pain and was against throwing away any more Public money into zombie insolvent banks.  Sinn Fein has plenty of “Déjà Vu” on this as we were steadfast in both our concerns and opposition in relation to the Euro, and the Nice and Lisbon Treaties. We subsequently warned the public when our initial Referendum results were rammed back down our throats a second time by the cozy consensus of FF,FG,LAB.
Indeed I personally am the only North Tipperary Politician who wrote to the EU to plead with them not to allow the Irish government bailout Anglo Irish Bank
Yet where has all this brought us?  To what avail?   Ireland is Broke and enslaved to a EU-IMF agreement that cannot work for Ireland and its people. Instead we are urged to meekly comply, back to an old time honored recipe of bow down and do as you’re told.
Last Saturday’s article by Mr Kelly also stated that: we are now facing costs of a ¼ of a TRILLION Euro’s associated with the property and banks bust.  That’s €120,000 for every worker in this country of 1.8 million workers and declining.  Just when we were getting our mouths around the word billions we are now talking in trillions. How in Gods name is that payable I ask?

Irish Banks debts have destroyed this nation, dumping its economy and people into the toilet bowl and as a consequence of this many now struggle with unrealistic mortgage repayments. I suggested that a “mortgage strike” should most definitely be considered in an economic war against those that are misusing our taxes” and also in “solidarity with those that are being squeezed by the financial institutions” the same institutions that we the Irish people are being forced to bail out.

Irish people need to stand up for ourselves again and fight back. We should not just follow contrived opinion meekly and quietly live indentured lives to the EU-IMF elite, no more so than to a British Monarch of Old.

Perhaps Councillor Delaney will enjoy pirouetting in his front parlour at the thoughts of the Queen being at the Rock of Cashel and he may well wrap himself in whatever flag he and his acquaintances wish, but the fact remains, none of his cow eyed adoration of our country’s previous occupier, the British monarch or the current EU-IMF “Royalty” installed in our Department of Finance will help solve our woeful state of affairs . Its time we took a stand as Irishmen and Irishwomen again and banished the notion of deferring humbly and meekly to all elites. Past and present.

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