The Revisionist Hypocrisy of Fine Gael and Labour

by Seamie Morris

The last few weeks ever since Deputy First Minister of the six county Government Martin McGuiness decided to legitimately throw his name in the Presidential race we have seen disgraceful revisionism from Fine Gael and Labour. Of course this is nothing to do with Martin McGuiness himself and all to do with the fact that the elite Establishment are in self protectionism mode. It is no coincidence that the grossly overpaid R.T.E elitists have led the charge urged on by our Government partners who are hiding behind our national broadcasters who every week gorge themselves on more and more taxpayers money.

Meanwhile Fine Gael and Labour collaborate with the IMF and E C B to hand over even more sovereignty and plan to raid the taxpayers pockets to hand over even more of peoples money to the bondholders and banksters in what has been the greatest transfer of private banking debt to the general public of all time.

I will point out some of the hypocrisy from Fine Gael and Labour. Fine Gael of course have form in this while forgetting their own links to Fascism in the past having been seen off  at Dun Laoighre harbour by Irish Bishops to fight for General Franco in the Spanish Civil War ( they were sent home in disgrace by Franco after one engagement)

In the 1980s Garret Fitzgerald warned Charles Haughey against seeking support from the Sinn Fein the Workers Party because of their links to the Official I.R.A but John Bruton had no problem going into government with the same Official I.R.A party and indeed they now share power with people who are the remnants of the Workers Party/Democratic Left ( they now make up the leadership of the Labour Party after officially taking over Labour in a bloodless coup) despite not decommissioning their weapons nor their printing presses.

It is this type of hypocrisy that has dragged this Presidential campaign into the gutter and has robbed the people of the chance to let all the people see a proper debate where  all candidates could put up their vision for Ireland and to let the people decide on that.

The electorate are beginning to see the bigger picture where the Elite try to protect themselves at all costs while the rest of us can sink in the Ocean of  bank debt imposed on us by Fianna Fail Lowryite Labour and Fine Gael collaborators. The workers of the world are beginning to realise that they and only they are going to take on the bondholders and bankers and the growing protests around the world are proof of their mobilisation. The game is up for the elite. This election is their last chance saloon to gerrymander the debate. Their day will come!

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