Petition to President to call for a Referendum on ESM Treaty

Dear Sir /Madam The People’s Association Watchdog have petitioned the President to request that he use the powers of his office to call for a referendum on the ESM treaty. We are completely opposed to Enda Kenny TD seeking to use the judgement of the Attorney General to define such a crucial issue without the […]

Teacher and carer resources must be used effectively and Government held accountable – Mitchell

Fine Gael Presidential candidate, Gay Mitchell MEP, has said that if elected President, he will hold the Government accountable to ensure that carer and teacher resources are used effectively and are not wasted. He was speaking yesterday (Monday) at the Inclusion Ireland event in the Mansion House, Dublin. “My eldest sister has a disability, both […]

Corrigan Brothers new song- Presidential Seven

Why do Mary Davis posters look like Special K adverts?  Does Gay Mitchell look like Dracula’s young Brother? Why is Michael D sitting quietly? Why does Dana love the Constitution so much? What caused Sean Gallagher’s Fianna Fail Amnesia?  What will Martin McGuinness say to Charles and Camilla when he meets them? And Has Davis […] Supports Streamlining Leaflet Delivery

The well publicised campaign has made steady progress in recent days with the announcement by 2 Presidential candidates Dana Rosemary Scallon and Sean Gallagher that they will not use posters during election 2011. “It appears our message has been taken seriously by at least 2 candidates and this is positive news for our local […]

North Tipp Macra Visit Arás an Uachtarán

The members of North Tipperary Macra had the honour of attending one of the final garden parties held at Arás an Uachtarán by President and Senator McAleese on July 7th. The theme of the gathering was the importance of community and eight members of North Tipp Macra were invited to attend as representatives of rural […]

Fianna Fail Must Run Presidential Candidate: North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail

During a recent interactive online meeting of North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail, members unanimously called for the party to run a candidate in the October Presidential election. “It will certainly be a tough election but it is a necessary aspect of renewing and reinvigorating the party that the Fianna Fail machine is out canvassing and […]

North Tipperary Ogra FF Campaign for All-Ireland Presidency

Following the successful end of two policy campaigns last year North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail have announced plans at their recent monthly meeting to campaign for an ‘All-Ireland Presidency’. As well as being a strong force in the Local and European Elections last year and the overwhelming passing of the Lisbon Referendum and getting a former Chair elected to their National Youth  Committee, […]

IFA Presidential Election Ballot Begins Tonight

Members from over 70 IFA branches around the country will vote tonight (Tues) as balloting to elect the next President of the Irish Farmers Association begins.   IFA has organised all 947 branches to meet between tonight and Wednesday, December 16th to discuss the business and issues of farming and to vote in democratic elections […]