Supports Streamlining Leaflet Delivery

The well publicised campaign has made steady progress in recent days with the announcement by 2 Presidential candidates Dana Rosemary Scallon and Sean Gallagher that they will not use posters during election 2011.

“It appears our message has been taken seriously by at least 2 candidates and this is positive news for our local environment, tax payers and democracy” stated a spokeman.

It now also transpires there is a campaign being spearheaded by candidate Sean Gallagher to also save money and contribute to the environment by steamlining leaflet distribution. Presently every candidate and political party is provided with free postage for their leaflet, the Litir um Thoghchan [election letter], distributed to every voter in the country. Sean Gallagher is proposing each candidate contributes to one leaflet or booklet which is delivered in one go as opposed to seven different leaflets delivered at 7 different times potentially.

The campaign has welcomes this development and has emailed the six other candidates seeking their support for the move, which could save up to €10 Million. equates this saving to be the equivilent to over 700,000 hours of home help to the elderly, sick or ill in local communities or a massive 400,000 hours of special needs assistants in classrooms up and down the country.

A spokeman added “Once again, we see politicians prepared to waste money when a cost effective and envionmentally sensitive alternative is available. It would appear the government, and politicians in general are happy to see cuts in local services and higher taxes to reduce the deficit, but when it comes to the personal responsibility of making savings and efficiencies themselves, it is not a priority. has had marked success and excellent publicity with the poster free campaign, now we are encouraging all 7 candidates to do their part again for the environment, taxpayers and democracy and not produce multiple leaflets to be delivered in multiple lots.”

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