IFA President Says Passing of Nature Restoration Law No Surprise

Francie Gorman has reacted to the passing of the Nature Restoration Law by the EU Council of Environment Ministers this morning. In response to the passing of this, the President of the IFA had this to say:   “It was always likely that the law would pass once the EU elections were over. Farmers will […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Beginning Birdwatching in Tipperary

Whether you live in a town or in the remote countryside, wildlife is everywhere, more specifically birds are everywhere. Birds can be spotted in the wildest grassland or in the busiest towns, you just have to know what to look for.  For anyone looking to immerse themselves in the hobby of birdwatching, the best place […]

Leave No Trace Ireland launches ‘Love This Place’ campaign 2024

Leave No Trace Ireland have launched their ‘Love This Place’ campaign. The campaign aims to “change behaviours outdoors by raising awareness of our impacts and what we can do to make a difference.” The campaign consists of a “range of messages to help everyone care for, respect and protect our shared outdoor spaces.”  Content Creator […]

Nature largely missing from the government Climate Action Plan

The Irish Wildlife Trust welcomes the publication of the government’s Climate Action Plan but is disappointed that nature – and addressing the biodiversity/extinction crisis in particular – is largely ignored. We welcome the commitment to better manage hedgerows and soils in agricultural environments as these can have associated benefits for wildlife. However, the plan largely […]

Seeking ‘The Best Place to GO WILD in Tipperary’

The Irish Times launches nationwide competition and calls for people in Co. Tipperary to nominate their favourite place for a wild outdoors adventure. The Irish Times is on the hunt to find the best place to GO WILD in Ireland and is inviting people in Co. Tipperary to nominate their favourite place to experience nature. The […]

Go wild this year as part of Tipperary Festival

This year as part of Tipperary Town Festival well know wildlife enthusiasts Dan Hogan and Albert Nolan will be exploring our town and discovering bugs, butterflies and birds These walks will be of particular interest to families and kids but all are welcome to attend and learn about Tipperary’s wildlife. For more information please contact […]

The Urban Countryside – The Swift

by Albert Nolan Observing birds in your own back yard can often reveal some interesting behavior. I was visiting a friend of mind that has a dog that spends most of its time indoors and in this artificial environment he sheds a lot of hair. Each morning the floor is mopped and the brush is […]