Leave No Trace Ireland launches ‘Love This Place’ campaign 2024

Members at the launch of the 'Love This Place' campaign 2024
Leave No Trace Ireland have launched their ‘Love This Place’ campaign. The campaign aims to “change behaviours outdoors by raising awareness of our impacts and what we can do to make a difference.” The campaign consists of a “range of messages to help everyone care for, respect and protect our shared outdoor spaces.” 

Content Creator and founder of The Hike Life, Roz Purcell launched the campaign yesterday in conjunction with Leave No Trace Ireland and their partners. The campaign highlights three main ‘calls to action’. 1) Stick to the Path – asking the public to stay on pathways to avoid damaging habitats or disturbing farm animals. 2) Be a Responsible Dog Owner – asking dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash outdoors, especially near farm animals, and pick up their dog’s waste. 3) Keep Ireland Litter-Free – asking everyone to bring their litter and other waste home and dispose of it responsibly.

The campaign will finish with a national ‘Love this Place’ day on Sunday 28th of July 2024. 

Speaking at the launch of the campaign Chief Executive of Leave No Trace said: 

“Research conducted by Leave No Trace Ireland confirms the need for targeted initiatives to raise awareness, particularly among younger people, around the importance of sustainable outdoor recreational practices. We need to equip individuals with knowledge and advice so that they can minimize their environmental impact while continuing to enjoy Ireland’s beautiful landscapes, terrain and habitats.”

“We are asking everyone to take one or two simple actions that support responsible enjoyment of the outdoors and reinforce the environmental stewardship that all of us share. This can include something as simple as taking our leftover food and litter home with us and sticking to recognised footpaths and trails to help protect wildlife and crops, and to avoid disturbing wildlife and farm animals.

By embracing the ‘Love This Place Promise’ we can ensure that we are protecting and caring for our landscapes and beautiful outdoor spaces for the generations that will follow us.”

For further information and guidance on responsible outdoor engagement, visit https://www.leavenotraceireland.org/love-this-place-leave-no-trace .


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