Social media platforms and web services, used by millions of Europeans, have joined the effort to remind citizens to cast their votes in European elections

Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter are among the platforms offering extra services to make sure Europeans cast their vote, and that the elections are not compromised online. Google offers special features to candidates and reminds people to vote. Candidates’ profiles are more visible on YouTube as well. Facebook has been reminding its users of the elections in the run-up, […]

‘Chats for Change’ Packs To Be Distributed Across College Campuses

The Union of Students in Ireland will distribute thousands of ‘Chats for Change’ packs across Irish college campuses, in partnership with St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, See Change’s Please Talk, Twitter and Roberts Tea. The campaign encourages students to proactively engage with their peers about mental health through conversation.  The campaign will also include tips […]

EU /Facebook/Twitter/YouTube Agree Hate Speech Code Of Conduct

“Hate speech”, public incitement to violence or hatred against a group of people, must be removed from social media platforms within 24 hours according to a new code of conduct agreed today between the European Commission and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft. As well as agreeing a code of conduct, the companies concerned say they […]

Farmers Keep Informed – Follow @Ifamedia On Twitter

For all of the latest news and information on farming and rural issues follow the Irish Farmers’ Association’s Twitter account @IFAmedia.  IFA Regional Press & Web Comms Officer Morag Devins said “an IFA Twitter account has been established to provide farmers and countryside dwellers with instant news, policies and market prices.” She said “farmers spend […]

Social Media Steers Tourism Ireland’s Road Trip to Tipperary

Tourism Ireland has launched a week-long social media campaign in Great Britain, offering Facebook and Twitter communities the chance to determine the places a British couple will visit.  The innovative campaign – called “Nick and Sam’s Ireland Road Trip” – is showcasing some of our landscape and attractions, including the wonderful scenery of Co Tipperary, […]

#IRLday, Twitter Event To Coincide With President Obama’s Visit to Ireland

PocketNative and Dublin City University are planning to make Internet history by creating a Twitter event to coincide with President Obama’s visit to Ireland. #IRLday: Let’s Get Ireland Trending is the first effort of its kind to organise an entire nation to tweet positive messages with a unified voice and put Ireland on Twitter’s global […]

Tipperary Collaborates….

This blogpost is a collaboration inspired by collaborators.  Tipperary Food Producers produced an exciting event that showcased their work in Clonmel Park Hotel on Wednesday 10 November 2010. A panel of social media users was specially invited to do their best  – communicate with the wider world via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs – the new […]

Online campaign seeking start-ups for €5,000 donation, the online campaign which has raised a €5,000 fund through donations on Twitter is now seeking applications from Irish entrepreneurs. The entire fund will be gifted, no strings attached, to one lucky start-up after a review and voting process. “We simply asked people to pledge €50 each in the hope that one hundred others […]