Social media platforms and web services, used by millions of Europeans, have joined the effort to remind citizens to cast their votes in European elections

Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter are among the platforms offering extra services to make sure Europeans cast their vote, and that the elections are not compromised online. Google offers special features to candidates and reminds people to vote. Candidates’ profiles are more visible on YouTube as well. Facebook has been reminding its users of the elections in the run-up, […]

The Environmental Protection Agency Calls On Secondary Schools To Tell – The Story Of Your Stuff

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has teamed up with young photographer and music video director, Christian Tierney to launch an exciting new competition for secondary schools today themed The Story of Your Stuff.  Students are invited to choose an everyday object such as a pen, mobile phone or a water bottle and use a visual […]

Social Media Summit Co-creator Finds Amy Huberman Is Favourite For Following And Snapchat Is Most Confusing Platform

Samantha Kelly, co-creator of next week’s Social Media Summit, has revealed that Amy Huberman is among the most interesting people to follow and that Snapchat is the social media platform people find most confusing. The TEDx speaker and Ireland’s own tweeting goddess (@tweetingGoddess) ran the Twitter poll, in advance of the Social Media Summit, which […]