EPA Report Says Agriculture Emissions Down 4.6% in 2023 -IFA

IFA President Francie Gorman has reacted to the release of a report from the Environmental Protection Agency that found a reduction in the overall emissions created by agriculture in 2023. He said that the 4.6% reduction has reflected the effort of farmers in taking action to combat Ireland’s emissions.   “The result for 2023 means […]

EPA press release- Ireland is wasting over one million meals a day

Newly released figures from the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that over 750,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in Ireland in 2022. These figures have also shown that there has been no significant increase or decrease in food waste since the first 3 years of national reporting (2020, 2021, 2022). According to these new figures […]

Radon is still the main source of radiation exposure for the Irish public, say EPA and HIQA.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Health Information Quality Authority have released a new assessment of the average radiation doses the Irish population are exposed to. The Ionising Radiation – National Dose Report details the levels of radiation experienced by the Irish population over the past 5 years from the air we breathe, medical exposures, […]

IFA President reacts to EPA water quality report

Following the release of the EPA’s report on water quality, IFA President Francie Gorman has assured people that Irish farmers are very focused on improving the quality of Irish waterways.   “Only last week Teagasc’s launched a new campaign ‘Better Farming for Water’ and all farmers must play their part in this,” he said   “Our water quality […]

EPA says Irish water quality showing no significant improvement

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that as of the end of 2023, the water quality indicators in Ireland’s rivers, estuaries, lakes and groundwater have shown no overall improvement.   In addition to this, the improvements that have been made in some water bodies are being counteracted by a decline in the quality of others.  […]

Ireland is projected to exceed its National and EU climate targets

Ireland is projected to achieve a reduction of up to 29 per cent in total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to a target of 51 per cent, when the impact of the majority of actions outlined in Climate Action Plan 2024 is included.   To achieve a reduction of 29 per cent would require […]

Bathing water quality remains high overall, but heavy summer rainfall is putting pressure on our beaches

Bathing water quality in 2023 was high overall, with 97 per cent (143 of 148) of sites meeting or exceeding the minimum standard, the same number as in 2022. 114 bathing sites (77 per cent) had excellent water quality, down from 117 in 2022. The number of beaches with poor bathing water quality increased to […]

Ammonia emissions down one per cent in 2022, however further reductions needed to protect health and the environment

Ireland’s ammonia emissions decreased by one per cent in 2022. Despite this, Ireland remains non-compliant in 2022 with our EU Emissions Reduction commitment for ammonia. The decrease in ammonia emissions reflects lower pig and poultry numbers, an increase in low emission slurry spreading and use of inhibited urea fertiliser on farms. Compliance with the EU […]

EPA report shows low uptake of Green Public Procurement in government department contracts

Of €922 million spend by government departments on contracts in 2022, 34 per cent included green criteria. The increase in the use of green criteria (10% in 2021, 34% in 2022) is encouraging but still at a low level. All government departments must improve their implementation of Green Public Procurement and purchase more resource-efficient and […]

Odour and Noise Complaints accounted for 90 per cent of all complaints to the EPA in 2023

The EPA carried out over 1,200 inspections at 535 licensed industrial and waste facilities. 91 per cent of these were unannounced.   The Licence & Enforcement Access Portal (LEAP) launched in 2023 giving the public enhanced access to environmental information.   The EPA identified 11 sites as National Priority Sites for enforcement in 2023.  Most […]

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