Repak’s Plastic Pledge Signatories Work Towards Ireland’s Circular Economy Goals

151 Repak Members are Signatories of the Plastic Pledge. Under this pledge, signatories adopt more sustainable practices and remove significant volumes of plastic from their operations and supply chain. Although the Plastic Pledge has 151 signatories, 4 of these have made significant changes to their sustainability practices in 2023. These signatories were Aldi, Lidl, Nestle […]

New Milestone Figure Reached: 200 Million Containers Returned by Irish Consumers

The Re-Turn Scheme has hit a new milestone and continues on an upward trend. Since the first launch of the scheme on February 1st over 200 million bottles have been returned. From the beginning of June 2.9million containers have been returned daily. The Deposit Return Scheme aims to create a circular economy to reduce the […]

Repak Announces Its Largest Ever Nationwide Recycling Knowledge Audit To Mark World Environment Day

Repak has announced its largest ever nationwide Recycling Knowledge Audit to mark World Environment Day. The aim of the audit will be to test the public’s knowledge of recycling and to identify misconceptions about recycling practices present among the public.  The announcement stems from research recently commissioned by Repak which showed that “Ireland has a […]

Ireland To Hit 150 Million Containers Returned before Transition Deadline

“As of May 30th, Ireland has achieved its highest monthly total of over 75 million containers returned, more than February, March and April combined.”  June first will mark the start of an incoming change for the selling of drinks containers in this country. By this date, “only drinks containers displaying the Re –turn logo can […]

Repak’s recycling research highlights a damaging gap in recycling knowledge among Irish residents

·       Only 34% of Irish residents strongly agree they understand how to correctly recycle ·       Repak launches a new campaign, Don’t Waste Earth Day, to encourage everyone, from consumers to commercial businesses, to sort and separate their packaging properly this Earth Day Ahead of Earth Day, Repak has unveiled research* pointing to a critical gap […]

Ireland expected to recycle over 62,000 tonnes of packaging this Easter

Repak encourages the public to become egg-cellent recyclers by segregating and recycling their waste this Easter    ·       80% expect to indulge in a milk chocolate Easter egg, with only 4% seeking vegan or plant-based chocolate eggs  ·       The quality of chocolate is the leading motivating factor when it comes to purchasing Easter eggs  ·       […]

Recycling rates slow as Ireland off track to meet key targets

Ireland’s economy remains linear with waste generation continuing to rise. Recycling rates are not keeping pace with increasing levels of waste generation. Ireland is off track to meet mandatory EU recycling targets set to apply from 2025 for municipal waste, packaging waste and plastic packaging waste. These targets are set to progress the circular economy […]

Urgent action needed to improve Ireland’s household and commercial waste segregation and recycling performance – EPA

Over two thirds of wastes in general waste bins could have been placed in the recycling or organic waste bins. Food waste in commercial general waste bins is 30 per cent and in household general bins is 17 per cent. Plastics in the general waste bins are also significant for households (17 per cent) and […]

Introduction of new environment levies will incentivise recycling and help Ireland meet our EU waste targets

The Minister of State with special responsibility for Communications and Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth TD, has signed new regulations to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and incineration.   The Waste Management (Landfill Levy)(Amendment) Regulations 2023 and the Circular Economy (Waste Recovery Levy) Regulations 2023 will both come into […]

Recycling Changes announced as Soft Plastic Waste, that is clean, dry and loose, can now be placed in Irish Household Recycling Bins.

All plastic packaging waste – including soft plastic – can now be placed in Irish household recycling bins as long as it is clean, dry and loose. Making the announcement, Minister of State with special responsibility for Communications and Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth TD said soft plastic can be placed in the household recycling bin […]

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