Ireland To Hit 150 Million Containers Returned before Transition Deadline

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As of May 30th, Ireland has achieved its highest monthly total of over 75 million containers returned, more than February, March and April combined.” 

June first will mark the start of an incoming change for the selling of drinks containers in this country. By this date, “only drinks containers displaying the Re –turn logo can be legally sold to consumers.” 

Since the launch of the deposit return scheme on February 1st, 2024, Irish consumers have returned almost 150 million containers. May alone saw “over 75 million” plastic bottles returned. 

“With one more day left ahead of the end of the Scheme’s four-month transition period, the milestone figure of 150 million containers returned will be reached by the end of today Friday, 31 May.” 

“As of May 30, 149.8 million drinks containers have been returned to date by consumers. The Scheme is now averaging 2.5 million containers returned daily in May, a significant rise from the 2 million containers returned in the entire month of February.” 

The operator of the deposit return scheme has issued advice to consumers on the introduction of the new rule for sellers and also on the regulations they must follow when returning their plastic containers in order to get their deposits back. 


  1. Any PET bottle or aluminium can from 150ml to 3litres bought from a retailer should now display a Re-turn logo. If consumers are sold an in-scope container without a Re-turn logo after 1 June 2024, they should contact Re-turn at
  2. The deposit on all Re-turn logo drinks containers is 15c on drinks containers from 150ml to 500mls, and 25c on drinks containers from over 500ml to 3litres.
  3. Deposits will be refunded when empty and undamaged drinks containers are brought back to Deposit Return Points, either RVMs (Reverse Vending Machines) or Manual Return Points.
  4. Bottles and cans on which deposits were paid before June 1, 2024, can still be returned to any Deposit Return Point.
  5. Vouchers must be redeemed in the same store from where they were issued. They can be spent against in-store purchases or exchanged for cash at a checkout. While there is no expiry on vouchers, Re-turn advises consumers to use them promptly to avoid misplacing them.
  6. With all in-scope cans and bottles now subject to a deposit, deposit return points may become busier. Re-turn data shows that the most popular days to return drinks containers are Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Re-turn recommends returning your cans and bottles mid-week to avoid busy periods.

Speaking on the end of the transition period and the full implementation of the deposit return scheme, CEO of Re- turn Ciaran Foley said: 

Our goal has been to ensure a smooth transition period as we launch the Scheme in its fullest form. We are delighted to see the growth to date in the average numbers of containers returned, and we expect to see this continue as we move out of the transition period. The cooperation of producers, retailers and the public has significantly contributed to the success of Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme so far. Together, we are taking important steps towards a more sustainable future.”

From the evidence shown in the data collected in May, although it has had a rocky beginning the deposit return scheme is starting to show progress in this country. 

This upward trend not only underscores the public’s robust dedication to recycling but also highlights the continued growth and success of the Scheme.”


Re-turn is dedicated to helping everybody navigate this circular economy initiative. Businesses and consumers can contact with any queries. An FAQ is also available on the Re-turn website.” 

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