New Milestone Figure Reached: 200 Million Containers Returned by Irish Consumers

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The Re-Turn Scheme has hit a new milestone and continues on an upward trend. Since the first launch of the scheme on February 1st over 200 million bottles have been returned. From the beginning of June 2.9million containers have been returned daily. The Deposit Return Scheme aims to create a circular economy to reduce the constant need for new materials for containers. Under the scheme aluminium cans can be recycled indefinitely while plastic bottles can be recycled multiple times. By returning their containers consumers will be contributing to a more sustainable future where those materials can be recycled into new containers.  

In addition to this the successful implementation of the scheme is helping to create the changes necessary for Ireland to meet its EU recycling targets.  

Speaking about the upward trend that the scheme is experiencing, CEO of Re- Turn, Ciaran Foley said:  

Since the launch of the Deposit Return Scheme, Irish consumers have shown great support and engagement, and the past few weeks are a testament as we have achieved yet another milestone. With over 200 million drinks containers returned, we are positive about the future and believe that our network across Ireland is ready to meet new levels of demand. By working together, we are contributing to a green future for generations to come, and we at Re-turn are excited for the busy summer months ahead.” 

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