Kids in the car: 9% of drivers have near misses or collisions

9% of drivers admit to being involved in or narrowly avoiding a collision while attempting to assist a child sitting behind them. Almost 2% of drivers involved in multiple incidents as a result of attending to a child in the car. Drivers in Ulster most likely to be distracted by a child in the car, […]

60% of Parents Get into Debt Funding Third Level Education

The Irish League of Credit Unions has launched the results of the 2016 Cost of Third Level Education Study which surveyed 1,000 Irish adults over the age of 18 with Marketing Research Company iReach. The research found that 60% of parents get into debt funding third level education; 73% of parents really struggle tocover the […]

91% of Students concerned about their future and 80% intend to emigrate

The Union of Students in Ireland said the government risks losing a generation at the forefront of tech, medicine and scientific growth if it doesn’t prioritise the future of young people in Ireland. 91% of students are concerned about their future in Ireland and over two thirds of college students are considering emigrating after completing […]

Low-flying aircraft will be surveying parts of North Tipperary in the coming months

Low-flying aircraft will survey Galway, Mayo and neighbouring parts of Roscommon, Offaly, Clare and Tipperary Horse and livestock owners alerted to airborne activity Ground sampling also continues across Mayo and into west Galway Western Ireland is set to be the focus for Tellus – a geological mapping project which collects geophysical and geochemical data on […]

Motorists more concerned about cost of insurance than Gardaí policing roads

Motorists are more concerned about the rising cost of car insurance than Gardaí enforcing traffic laws, according to new research by the AA. In a survey of over 8,800 motorists led by AA Motor Insurance, 92 percent say they believe the cost of car insurance to be the biggest motoring issue they’ll face this year. […] survey forecasts how Ireland will look in 10 years’ time

4 in 10 believe we will be working less hours 24 per cent claim their job will be done by a robot in 10 years’ time More people will be renting (63 per cent) Paul O’Connell for President (15 per cent) 65 per cent believe we will still be able to buy a hard copy […]

Chris O’Dowd tops the list for Irish people’s favourite celebrity driving partner

SEAT Summer survey reveals our driving loves and loathes   Over half of Irish people would like Chris O’Dowd as a passenger in their car 47% pick a partner over a friend as their driving companion Wicklow’s Sally Gap and Galway to Clifden tie as favourite Irish driving routes Route 66 voted most wanted international […]

Average house price in Tipperary rises 6% in year – survey

The price of an average three bedroom semi detached house in Tipperary has risen by 6.04% to €120,625 in the past year, but the market has remained flat in the first three months of 2015, according to a national survey carried out by Real Estate Alliance. The Real Estate Alliance Average house index concentrates on […]

One third of Irish couples would ban Valentine’s Day

Irish survey also finds that ONE IN FOUR people prefer not to celebrate the romantic day   With more and more people choosing not to celebrate the day synonymous with roses, chocolate and love messages, research has found that despite Cupid’s best efforts, ten percent of couples have split up on Valentine’s Day.[i] 30% of […]

2 out of 3 Tipperary Drivers Stressed by Rush Hour Traffic

Volkswagen Ireland survey reveals:   Rush hour traffic stressful for two thirds of Tipperary drivers One fifth have run out of fuel Make & model of car important for 51 per cent of Tipperary locals Four fifths are car proud with a clean & tidy vehicle 10 per cent have changed their clothes while driving […]

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