Bring Larry Back new song by Johnny B for Lar Corbett

Johnny B has a new song ‘Bring Larry Back’ in response to Lar Corbett’s announcement that he has withdrawn from the Tipperary Senior Hurling team in the video below you can hear him singing live on RTE’s John Murry show. httpv://

Corrigan Brothers Provide free Answerphone Message for the Taoiseach- it will save thousands

Corrigan Brothers save thousands for the Department of an Taoiseach by recording and sending a free for the duration of his term answer phone message with timesaving lyrics. A spokesman for the Corrigan Brothers said this evening “we have sent the track to the Taoiseach today and we hope that his spokesman talks to our […]

Shop Local a video by Tipp Tatler

At the Tipp Tatler we always promote supporting local business. Over the weekend we decided that, coming up towards Christmas in Tipperary, that we would produce a little video to help illustrate how money spent locally circulates throughout the community. We hope you enjoy the video and hope it might encourage you to try and […]

Faith in Trapatonni…New Song by Corrigan Brothers and Shay Healy

Irish Band  the Corrigan Brothers who have achieved over seven million YouTube hits and charted in ten countries with “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” have joined forces with Eurovison song writing winner Shay Healy (who wrote Johnny Logan’s 1980 winner “What’s Another Year”) to celebrate the achievements of Ireland’s soccer manager Giovanni […]

Fantastic footage of Starlings over Lough Derg

Fantastic footage of a collection of Starlings, known as a murmation, has recently been captured by some canoeists on Lough Derg. In this amazing video you can witness the incredible wonder of nature as the starlings blacken the sky darting to and fro in huge cloud formations. httpv://

A chance to win €500 – Create a YouTube video to promote is calling on technology whizzes, budding filmmakers and YouTube fanatics to create a YouTube video promoting to be in with a chance to pocket €500! The video must be creative, eye-catching and energetic to be in with a chance to win!  The video should be tagged as and should encourage prospective students […]

Corrigan Brothers new song- Presidential Seven

Why do Mary Davis posters look like Special K adverts?  Does Gay Mitchell look like Dracula’s young Brother? Why is Michael D sitting quietly? Why does Dana love the Constitution so much? What caused Sean Gallagher’s Fianna Fail Amnesia?  What will Martin McGuinness say to Charles and Camilla when he meets them? And Has Davis […]

Corrigan Brothers- Shay Healy song Dedicated to the Dublin All Ireland Winning team 2011

Corrigan Brothers- the band who have amassed over seven million you tube hits with the international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” and reached the American top 40 have joined forces with Eurovision song winning writer Shay Healy to celebrate Dublin’s historic All Ireland Football Final win with their new song – […]

Corrigan Brothers – Arthurs Day In Ollie Hayes Bar

Arthur’s Day honours the remarkable legacy of Arthur Guinness, the pioneering brewer and philanthropist and the man who in 1759 created the most famous drink in the World. Ollie Hayes pub is the world’s most famous pub. It can be found in Moneygall Ireland, the Ancestral home of President Obama. The President himself dropped in […]

All Ireland Football Final Song- “Dublin Kerry-Bring It On”- Corrigan Brothers and Shay Healy

Corrigan Brothers whose international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” has achieved over seven million you tube hits and charted in ten countries including reaching the top of the American World Music charts are back with a song to celebrate the All Ireland Football Final of 2011 called “Dublin, Kerry, Bring it […]

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