Corrigan Brothers Provide free Answerphone Message for the Taoiseach- it will save thousands

Corrigan Brothers save thousands for the Department of an Taoiseach by recording and sending a free for the duration of his term answer phone message with timesaving lyrics.

A spokesman for the Corrigan Brothers said this evening “we have sent the track to the Taoiseach today and we hope that his spokesman talks to our spokesman”

lyrics of the message


Taoiseach’s Answer phone Music Message- Corrigan Brothers 2012

This is the Taoiseach Enda Kenny

I’ll pick up your call when I’m ready

If you’re from the troika and  payment’s loomin

Press one to talk to Michael Noonan

If it’s about the septic tank programme

Press two to speak to the bould phil Hogan

And if it’s about the HSE

You’ll get James Reilly by pressing three

This is Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Keep holdin’ on I’ll soon be ready

Let me say this to you all

As Taoiseach I really value your call

This call may be recorded for training purposes

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