SOLAS Portarlington – Food, Potatoes & Upcoming Family Events

Last Sunday’s car boot sale was a big success with crowds from early and bargains to be haggled for. This type of event is what makes SOLAS unique as a garden centre and brings the constant buzz of ‘what will be on this weekend’. We have a busy calendar ahead such as: Sunday 5th February St. […]

Potato Growers Get Less Than A Fifth Of The Retail Price

– POTATOES BOUGHT ONCE EVERY SECOND IN IRELAND   Potato growers are getting less than one-fifth of the price a consumer pays for their product in the shop, a conference in Dublin today heard.   Speaking at the National Potato Conference in Dublin, IFA President Joe Healy outlined how retailers are taking the lion’s share […]

Less than 1% of EU potatoes grown in Ireland – Eurostat

Ireland produced only 0.6% of the EU’s potatoes (in 2014) while Germany at 19.7% was the EU’s biggest potato producer, according to latest figures on the potato sector from Eurostat. In fact only 1% of arable land in Ireland is now devoted to potato growing, compared to an EU average of 1.5% and a high of […]

Potato Growers Face Wipeout As Farm Prices Collapse – IFA

IFA National Potato Committee Chairman Thomas Carpenter said potato growers are facing wipeout if a viable price is not achieved for their product. At meetings in recent days, retailers and merchants were challenged by potato growers to return a viable farmgate price. He said, “Prices to producers are at historical lows and running well below the cost […]

Freezing weather destroys €15M worth of potatoes and fresh produce – IFA

The freezing weather conditions of the last fortnight have had a devastating impact on potato producers, with initial estimates showing losses of over €15m on potato crops still in the ground. IFA National Potato Committee Vice-Chairman Thomas Carpenter said 6,000 acres of potatoes across the country remain unharvested due to the disastrous wet weather in […]