IFA Secures Strong Commitment From Minister Coveney on Protecting the Single Farm Payment in CAP 2013

At a meeting in Dublin this week, the Minister of Agriculture Simon Coveney told the IFA President John Bryan that he was making some progress to deal with Ireland’s concerns on CAP reform, and especially on securing a flexible payment model based on approximation to protect the Single Farm Payment of farmers. Minister Coveney told […]

Strong Agri-Food Export Performance Underpinning Domestic Economic Activity

IFA President John Bryan said the strong performance of agri-food exports in today’s CSO trade figures for 2011 is further evidence of the contribution the sector is making to the wider economy.   “Compared to 2010, the agri-food sector has delivered an increase of over 10% in the value of exports, to €8.93bn. In particular, […]

IFA Issues Warning Not To Purchase Animals Of Unknown Origin

IFA President John Bryan has issued a strong warning that farmers should be extremely careful in protecting the health status of their herds and not to purchase animal of unknown origin.   John Bryan said Irish farmers have invested heavily in raising the health status of the national herd. “The irresponsible actions of a few […]

IFA Expresses Serious Concern In Tams Processing Delays

IFA Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy has expressed serious concern at the Department of Agriculture delays in the processing of TAMS applications for the Dairy Equipment and Sheep Fencing & Handling schemes, which reopened at the end of last year.   Mr. McCarthy said that over 975 farmers applied for the Dairy Equipment Scheme for […]

A New AEOS 3 Scheme Vital To Support Farm Incomes – IFA

IFA Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy said a meaningful AEOS 3 scheme must be put in place for the thousands of farmers who have finished REPS 3, and who are very dependent on the scheme to support their farm income.   Flor McCarthy said a substantial number of the 13,000 farmers who finished REPS 3 […]

Superlevy Advice Must Not Damage Long Term Productive Potential – Kiersey

The latest national update on superlevy shows that butterfat adjusted milk supplies for the April 2011 to January 2012 period are just 0.3% below quota.  IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey called for carefully tailored, mindful advice from Teagasc and co-ops to help farmers minimise their exposure without damaging their herd’s long term productive […]

Potato promotions group to implement marketing drive to encourage consumers to buy potatoes

A Potato Promotions Group is to be established to plan and implement a major marketing initiative over the next three to five years, which will address consumer perceptions about potatoes and drive demand.   New research shows that almost two-thirds of consumers are interested in learning and hearing more about potatoes.  The findings, which will […]

IFA Welcome New Beef Discussion Group Programme

IFA President John Bryan has welcomed the launch of the new Beef Discussion Group programme by the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.   Speaking at the Teagasc suckler cow event in Kilkenny mart, John Bryan said IFA worked hard to secure €5m funding for Beef Discussion Groups and this is a very positive initiative for […]

IFA Reject Revised Farm Inspection Requirements

At a meeting with senior officials in the Department of Agriculture in Portlaoise, IFA Deputy President Eddie Downey strongly rejected new inspection requirements which involve assembling livestock for reading identity tags.  Eddie Downey said the new proposals are way over the top and the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney must intervene to ensure a more […]

Weak Euro A Major Boost To Dairy Exports – Kiersey

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey today (Tues) said that, since last April, the euro had weakened by over 11% against the US $, and by 6% against Sterling.   He said this was equivalent to a return boost of 4c/l on SMP and butter exported onto the world market, and just over 2c/l for […]

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