Snow White to deliver Apple Tax Open Letter Signed By Over 10,000

An open letter, signed by over 10,000 people, will be delivered tomorrow morning at 10am outside Leinster House before the Cabinet meets to decide on whether to appeal the Apple Tax ruling by the European commission. The letter will be delivered by a member of the Uplift campaigning organisation dressed as Snow White who will […]

Irish Citizen’s letter to EVERY minister in the Government

“Dear Minister, I am a typical Irish citizen, I’m 41, I work full-time as a bar manager, I pay my mortgage each month with my partner for my little terraced home in the border town of Dundalk, I pay my taxes (even though our roads are falling apart, my local hospital is all but closed, […]

An open letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Dear Taoiseach, We the people of Ireland are ready and willing to work, to greatly improve the future for this and future generations. This Nation has the resources to massively increase it’s energy and food supplies. The Government can make quick decisions, as experienced when the bank guarantee scheme was implemented. No longer do we […]