An open letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Dear Taoiseach,

We the people of Ireland are ready and willing to work, to greatly improve the future for this and future generations. This Nation has the resources to massively increase it’s energy and food supplies. The Government can make quick decisions, as experienced when the bank guarantee scheme was implemented. No longer do we have to, or expect to, delay initiatives ‘because of Europe’. We as a Nation of workers, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, farmers, fisherman, artists, administrators, now need to think for ourselves, decide for ourselves, and turn this great Country around. In order to do this we need to retain full ownership of the ESB, Bord Gais and Coillte. We need to use our National Energy companies as the nucleus with which to generate energy to replace declining oil supplies. The land mass owned by Coillte, equivalent to that of six counties, needs to be retained in National ownership for biomass and areas for massive sheltered horticultural production. The disposal of part or all of these companies would now be the greatest irreversible National disaster. As an Irish citizen I could not stand by and let that happen. This Country has the technologies and knowhow to attain energy and food security. The second half of the Oil Age will be one of consolidation and new energy technological advancement which will be needed to provide power and food for ourselves and our overpopulated neighbouring countries.

In 2009 we met the then Taoiseach, and the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources with a master plan to provide one and a half times the energy presently consumed in Ireland, using alternative technologies. This would provide over 80,000 full-time jobs, and reduce the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions by tens of millions of tonnes annually. They were very interested but unfortunately distracted with other business. Present available Irish technologies in micro wind, hydro, biomass, waste-to-energy, and solar power generation can make a dramatic contribution in replacing oil, without the need for significant extra infrastructure.  New technologies in wave, tidal, lignofuels, and algae are at very advanced stages of development, which need all the R&D help needed to get them commercially viable. Adequate payment for the sale of such power to the National Grid must be put in place without delay. The ESB and Bord Gais must now be central for this development. The Irish people own these companies, and must now insist that they operate in the people’s interest. This will mean a complete change of policy, direction, and if necessary management personnel if they are not willing or able to change.

In 2010 we presented a master plan for a ‘Co-Op Ireland’ food and skills initiative to the then Minister, Eamon O Cuiv. This would almost guarantee food security, and virtually full employment, in the most respectful way. The plan also provided for the many people whose businesses have retracted but are not presently eligible for social welfare payments, and also for retired people whose fortunes were squandered through improper financial advice.

Three weeks ago ‘The New Energy Era Forum’ took place in West Cork, with delegates from all over Europe and North America. It developed some very powerful ideas in actual, financial, and social change in the immediate era of declining oil supplies. Similar forums must now take place, to really listen to people all over Ireland, who have real issues, and real solutions. The Nation’s regeneration must belong and be done by everyone. Irish people wish to be heard. An International ‘New Energy Week’ is planned for next June to take place near Skibbereen, where Energy Companies from all over the world will present their technologies to an International audience.

It is time for this Nation to think for ourselves. There is too much hurt around the Country, too much stress, and too little action. We must not sell off our vital energy and utility companies to foreign investment groups, and then live at their mercy. We must use these vital National assets for our people’s benefit. We now have the greatest opportunity in the history of this State to develop our Nation, and become an incredible example in self sufficiency, energy and food security.

Selling our National assets is not an option. People’s tempers are getting very thin, and survival becoming very difficult. We now expect our elected representatives to be revolutionary in turning our economy and Country around. ‘Is feidir linn’ must be a reality, not just an old saying. Let’s get to work, develop an excellent fair economy, and with the inevitable success let’s all be proud and enjoy living in this great Land. The time for dramatic change is now. Taoiseach, please lead this revolutionary era immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Ryan-Purcell,

Local Campus,


Co. Cork.

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