Anomaly in Beef Welfare Scheme Must be Resolved Before Opening Date – IFA

Following confirmation of the measures included in the Beef Welfare Scheme, IFA Livestock chair, Declan Hanrahan said that serious issues must be addressed before the scheme can open. Suckler farmers needed to know whether the scheme applied to calves born between July 2023 and June 2024 and the measures required. Autumn 2023 calves have already […]

Factories Can and Must Do More on Beef Price – IFA

Declan Hanrahan IFA Livestock chair has expressed his dissatisfaction at factories attempts to undermine beef prices and needs to stop. He said that the demand for beef is expected to pick up over the coming months.   “This gap in prices with our most important market is not acceptable and must be closed. Volumes of […]

New MEPs Have Vital Role in Blocking Mercosur & Supporting Beef Sector – IFA

At the Teagasc BEEF2024 event in Grange, Co Meath, IFA President Francie Gorman highlighted the important role new MEP’s will play in blocking the Mercosur deal. He said that newly elected MEP’s must put up a united front on the red line issue of the Mercosur deal.   “Beef farmers will expect our MEPs to […]

ABP action a ‘kick in the teeth’ for Irish farmers – Cullinan

IFA President Tim Cullinan said at a time when Irish beef farmers are facing collapsing prices, it’s incredible that the ABP food group, an Irish-owned company, would bring in beef from Poland to stock supermarket shelves in the UK.   “The European beef market is in turmoil. This has impacted more severely in Ireland as […]

Solid Demand For Beef Cattle As Christmas Market Begins – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said factories are anxious for cattle and the factory message to agents is not to let any cattle slip away.   He said this is a reflection of the strong market demand both in the UK and across Europe. In addition, the Christmas trade is kicking in at this […]

Cattle Supplies Tighter As Beef Demand Remains Very Strong – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the beef trade is steady this week with the base price for steers at €3.80/kg and heifers making €3.90/kg. He said finished supplies are definitely tightening and demand remains very strong with some reports of top prices of €3.85 and €3.95/kg.   In our main export market, the […]

Strong Beef Prices Driven By Strong Market Demand – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said beef prices are holding firm, driven by extremely strong market demand and rising prices in our main export market in the UK.   He said UK prices have risen each week for the last 10 weeks in a row by over 16c/kg. He said these price increases, which […]

IFA Demands Immediate Beef Price Rise

  IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said the beef price situation has turned this week with supplies tightening rapidly and factories increasing prices to get numbers.   He said prices have moved on with €4.00/kg the new base on steers and €4.10 base on heifers this week. He said these levels were being paid […]

IFA Briefs Politicians On Beef And Sheep Competition Issues

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney must take action to address the lack of competition in the beef sector, which is set to be compounded with the proposed ABP investment in Slaney/ICM meat group. At a briefing session with politicians in Dublin today, the IFA National Livestock leader […]

Steel and resolve of farmers very strong on beef – IFA

Following the IFA  48-hour protest at the meat factories, IFA President Eddie Downey said the steel and resolve of farmers across the country is very strong and they are determined that the factories must respond on prices to reflect the increase in returns from our main export market in the UK.   He said the […]