A Fork In The Road – Ballyhea Weekly March Ends

This coming Sunday, March 6th 2016, marks the exact 5th anniversary of the first Ballyhea Says No protest march against the imposition of the odious bank-debt on the people of Ireland, March 6th 2011. Just as that was the first Sunday after the election of a new Dáil, this is the first Sunday after another […]

Draghi Questioned in European Parliament on Banking Inquiry Report

by Luke Ming Flanagan Today in the European Parliament Plenary session, and following on from the recent report of the Banking Inquiry, I got an opportunity to put a question directly to Mario Draghi, current President of the ECB. Given that the speaking time allotted was just one minute, the question by definition was short […]

The Banking Inquiry – Ballyhea Says kNOw

by Diarmuid O Flynn A couple of weeks ago Ballyhea Says No led a delegation that included two TDs (Joan Collins and Catherine Murphy) and an MEP (Marian Harkin) to meet new Central Bank Governor Phillip Lane. We outlined for Mr Lane why, after almost a full five years, the Ballyhea campaign still persists, marches every […]

Central Bank Governor Philip Lane to meet Ballyhea Says No Campaign Group

by Diarmuid O’Flynn Today, Friday January 15th at noon, the new Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, Philip Lane, has agreed to meet with a delegation from the Ballyhea Says No group to discuss the issues arising from their long-running campaign (we have marched every week since March 6th 2011, 254 weeks and counting) against […]

Ireland Wronged, Pure and Simple – Billions Destroyed by Central Bank

The ongoing cancellation of the IBRC Promissory Note bonds and subsequent destruction of the money raised is a three-part process: 1) The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) issues sovereign bonds from which it raises billions of euro – this becomes part of the national debt, interest paid on the bonds from the date of sale, […]

Ballyhea Says No – Week 250 – Why we persevere

by Diarmuid O’Flynn Last Sunday we marked week 250 of the Ballyhea Says No campaign against the imposition of odious bank-debt on the Irish people. In the days before and after I was asked many times – how have ye kept going? How do ye persevere with a cause that gets so little publicity? My […]

Ballyhea Says No – Week 250 – Sunday December 13th

Since Sunday March 6th 2011, over four years ago, a small group of determined people have marched every week in protest at the imposition of private bank-debt on the Irish people. During that period, recognising that this was an issue on which our government was not going to be of any assistance, the protest morphed […]

Independent MEP candidate Diarmuid O’Flynn endorsed from across the political and economic spectrum

Independent candidate Diarmuid O’Flynn has hit the ground running in his bid for a seat in the European Parliament.  Endorsements for his campaign are coming in thick and fast from across the political spectrum. They include independent TDs Stephen Donnelly, Maureen O’Sullivan, Thomas Pringle, Clare Daly, Joan Collins, Finian McGrath, Luke Ming Flanagan, Peter Mathews, Constantin Gurdgiev (Adjunct […]

Seamus Healy TD Endorses Diarmuid O’Flynn (Ballyhea Says NO) for Election to European Parliament

Seamus Healy TD Represents the Constituency of South Tipperary in the Dáil His political party, Workers and Unemployed Action, has candidates standing for election to the new Tipperary County Council Seamus Healy TD: “I have been supporting the Ballyhea Says NO campaign for some time and WUA members have participated in marches in Clonmel against […]

Banking Failure has Cost every Tipperary person over €8,980

Speech By Seamus Healy TD in support of Ballyhea Motion callin on Government to ask EU to cancel the Promissory Note Debt  Tuesday Nov 26   Banking Failure has Cost every Tipperary person over €8,980     Deputy Seamus Healy:     Debt is the single biggest issue facing the citizens of this country. I publicly congratulate the “Ballyhea Says No” […]

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