Healy condemns shocking eviction attempt and compliments Anti Eviction Taskforce

Seamus Healy TD speaking in the Dail about the housing and homelessness crisis has spoken out about an attempted eviction in Clonlara, Co. Clare.  He has called for an investigation into the activities of all security companies involved as several issues have been raised as to the legality of their actions. In his speech (see […]

County Sheriff Threatens To Have Family Dog Put Down

The sheer cruelty and inhumanity of the evictions process that is sweeping the country has been brought into sharp focus by a letter sent by a County Sheriff, informing a home-owner that the occupants of the home would be evicted in the next fortnight, and threatening to have their much loved dog put down also. […]

Anti-Eviction Taskforce condemns proposed changes to Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears

The Anti-Eviction Taskforce strongly condemns the proposed changes to the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears. This code offered limited protections to mortgage holders in distress, the proposed changes will mean it will be much harder for a mortgage holder to be considered co-operating and therefor will lose the protection of MARP which provides for […]

AET delivers mandate to bring a motion before the Dáil to ban evictions in Ireland

Dear Sir/Madam , The Anti Eviction Taskforce (AET) would like to inform you that we have written to all Government Ministers across all political parties on behalf of all distressed mortgage holders in Ireland today, delivering a mandate to bring a motion before the Dáil to ban eviction in Ireland. This letter will arrive on […]

South Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath gives support to family under threat of eviction

South Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath today visited Appletown Farm in Co. Limerick to give his support to a family facing eviction. Debt campaigner Seamus Sherlock and his family have barricaded themselves into the farm for the past 150 days after receiving an eviction notice.  Seamus Sherlock famously chained himself to ESB headquarters a number of […]

The AET condemns the government enabling eviction

The Anti Eviction Taskforce strongly condemns the intentions of the Irish Government in seeking to change the 2011 Judgment on the Land and Conveyance Law Reform Act 2009. This Judgment currently makes it difficult for banks to gain repossession orders and has been one of the few protections available to distressed mortgage holders. Its existence is a […]

Condemnation for Minister Burton’s actions re Mortgage Interest Supplement

The Peoples Association Watchdog are happy to join with the Anti Eviction Task Force in the following statement: The Anti Eviction Taskforce strongly condemns Minister Burton’s actions in signing an order restricting access to the mortgage interest supplement, which has helped thousands of low income families meet their monthly repayments. This action by the government […]

Anti Eviction Taskforce Launches in Ireland

An independent group of home owners has decided to band together and unite in a concerted effort to protect all homes against repossession. The group, calling itself the Anti-Eviction Taskforce is growing in numbers at a tremendous pace. Starting with a handful of people under threat of eviction, its numbers swelled to over 200 people […]