Homeless Charities and Homeowner Advocacy Groups Unite to Halt Vulture Funds

  HALT AIB’S SALE OF IRISH HOMES….. So say a growing number of Advocacy Groups and Charitable Organisations who together, are calling on the Government, and all Political Parties, to demand that AIB, ULSTER BANK, PTSB, BOI and other bailed-out financial institutions, desist from facilitating the sale of any further Irish Homes to Vulture Funds. […]

National Housing Co-Op Bill Has Potential To Radically Resolve Mortgage Crisis – Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said he will be seeking immediate cross party support for a private members bill aimed at establishing an off-balance sheet National Housing Co-Operative whose sole intention will be keeping families in mortgage distress in their homes. The National Housing Co-Op Bill 2017, which has already been submitted to the office […]

Right2Homes Constitutional Challenge to Home Repossessions

WHO WE ARE Right2Homes has been set up to provide a funding platform for the numerous individuals, groups and organisations already committed to supporting legal initiatives aimed at preventing bank repossessions of Irish family homes. FAMILY HOMES UNDER SEIGE Whether you are part of one of the 110,366 distressed families already under attack, or related […]