People Power Defeats Eirgrid

Eirgrid’s proposal to build monster pylons from Cork to Kildare through Co. Tipperary has been defeated by People in every parish from Cork through Tipperary to Kildare organised against these pylons and over 30,000 opposition submissions were submitted. The people of Tipperary will continue to be vigilant to make sure that no such proposal will ever again be considered.  The detailed […]

EU asked to probe pylon risks

The campaign against the proposed EirGrid plan to erect 750 high-voltage pylons across the country has reached EU level this week, after the European Commission was asked to investigate the potential health risks of overhead power lines. Labour and Fine Gael MEPs called on the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks to […]

MEP Prendergast calls on Commission to investigate health risks of high voltage overhead power lines

MEP for Ireland South, Phil Prendergast, last night highlighted the potential health risks of high voltage overhead power lines and called on the European Commission’s Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks to fully investigate the matter.   Ms. Prendergast’s comments came ahead of a planned conference in Kilkenny on the 14th of February next which […]

MEP Prendergast To Take Pylon Fight To Europe

Ireland South MEP, Phil Prendergast, is currently examining the feasibility of submitting a case to the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee regarding EirGrid’s pylon plan and she will raise the issue at the plenary session in Strasbourg next week.   Ms Prendergast said: “Next week in Strasbourg I will do all I can to speak up […]

Prendergast Backs Failte Ireland’s Concerns on Pylons Affecting Rural Landscape

Ireland South MEP, Phil Prendergast, is supporting Fáilte Ireland’s fear that EirGrid’s plan to build 750 Pylons across ten counties will damage the country’s landscape and harm tourism. Speaking from Brussels: “Ms Prendergast said it is significant that a state body like Fáilte Ireland are worried with the proposed plans and have stated that international visitors consistently rate Ireland’s […]

MEP Prendergast To Hold High-level Conference On Eirgrid Pylon Plan

MEP for Ireland South, and member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament, Phil Prendergast, today announced a high level conference on pylons entitled “Upgrading the National Grid- European Best Practice and Alternative Options”.   The conference will run from 7pm to 10pm and will be held in the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny on […]

Nessa Childers: ‘Country is being sold.’

THE country is being sold to the highest bidder, MEP Nessa Childers said today in the wake of escalating public opposition to the planned construction of high-voltage, overhead electricity pylons. Ms Childers has also angrily branded controversial remarks made yesterday by Enda Kenny in relation to the project as ‘outrageous’. The Taoiseach had linked the pylon expansion to […]

Healy Welcomes Eirgrid’s Extension of Consultation Deadline

Statement by Seamus Healy TD I wish to welcome the extension of the deadline for submissions to Eirgrid concerning its  proposal to ditribute electricity via high voltage overhead lines strung between huge pylons. In my recent Leaders Question to the Tánaiste, I requested such an extension. I also called for these lines to be placed underground. However,I am […]