MEP Prendergast To Take Pylon Fight To Europe

Ireland South MEP, Phil Prendergast, is currently examining the feasibility of submitting a case to the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee regarding EirGrid’s pylon plan and she will raise the issue at the plenary session in Strasbourg next week.


Ms Prendergast said: “Next week in Strasbourg I will do all I can to speak up for my constituents. We’ve seen only in the last few days how the European Union can make a difference in Ireland with the availability of the EU Solidarity Fund to assist flood hit regions.


“This week has displayed misinformation from EirGrid and arrogance from the Taoiseach who disingenuously linked pylons to emigration. Many rural communities have been deeply affected by emigration and found Enda Kenny’s comments offending and patronising.

“As my colleague Senator John Whelan highlighted this week – his own constituency of Laois has been blighted by Pylons – this is same type of spin we saw from the Taoiseach during the Seanad referendum campaign.


“In my twenty years as working as a public representative I struggle to remember an issue that has caused as much revulsion from my constituents.


“Whether it be by email, phone or tweet, rural communities feel they are being browbeaten with a plan that has scant regard for the their concerns. I will fervently voice their concerns in Strasbourg next week. “

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