Mortgage Holders and Small Businesses Being Ripped Off By Government – Healy

A deliberate Government Policy is ripping off Irish Mortgage Holders and Small Businesses. According a survey of interest rates published by the Central Bank, variable rate new housing loans averaged 4.13% Typical Eurozone mortgage rates are 2.1%-roughly half the Irish rate. And interest rates for small  businesses  have come down everywhere in Europe except Ireland, […]

Labour Bringing Back Foreign Absentee Landlords as Mortgages sold to Vulture Capitalists – Healy

At Leaders Questions Seamus Healy TD  called on Minister Joan Burton, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, to stop the sale of 13,000 Irish mortgages to foreign vulture capitalists. Full transcript of Dail Record Below  Exchanges can be heard by clicking Summary of Question “A total of 13,000 Irish Nationwide mortgage holders face the appalling […]