MEP Prendergast urges graduate healthcare professionals from South Tipperary to boycott cut-price employment scheme

Labour MEP representing South Tipperary, and former nurse and midwife, Phil Prendergast, today warned that healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists from the county, are being targeted by the Minister for Health James Reilly with “graduate schemes” similar to those proposed for graduate nurses.  The schemes propose to de facto retain current job descriptions for […]

Phil Prendergast MEP Supports Student Nurses and Midwives Campaign to Protect Pay

Phil Prendergast MEP is appalled by Minister Reilly’s push to further decrease graduate nurses and midwives pay. This action aimed at vulnerable unemployed young peoples in the caring profession is indicative of Reilly’s behaviour since he took office. If the proposed cut is implemented, annual graduate pay for nurses will have decreased by 34% since […]