Phil Prendergast MEP Supports Student Nurses and Midwives Campaign to Protect Pay

Phil Prendergast MEP is appalled by Minister Reilly’s push to further decrease graduate nurses and midwives pay. This action aimed at vulnerable unemployed young peoples in the caring profession is indicative of Reilly’s behaviour since he took office.

If the proposed cut is implemented, annual graduate pay for nurses will have decreased by 34% since 2009.

Prendergast “fully support the efforts of all those who are campaigning to uphold the standards of healthcare and appropriate pay of all nurses and healthcare professionals in Ireland.

Minister Reilly proposes to offer 1,000 graduates a 2 year contract on 80% of nurse’s salary, reducing pay to €22,000 per annum.

“Already, we have seen adverse effects on healthcare provision in Ireland since the economic crisis, which is exacerbated by increasing workloads for all healthcare professionals. Graduates will be expected to perform the same work as their fellow nurses and a pay reduction of 34% since 2009 just doesn’t make sense.

“Furthermore, the pay cut will only further incentivise our educated youth to immigrate and seek work elsewhere.

“This proposed cut is distinctive of those made by Minister Reilly, yet his actions are supported by the government.

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