Barroso dismisses half-mast idea in letter to MEPs

President Jose Manuel Barroso’s dismissal of Energy Commissioner  Gunther Oettinger’s suggestion that over-indebted countries should fly their flag at half-mast will help defuse the offence caused to so many EU citizens, Labour MEP Phil Prendergast has said. Over 150 MEPs signed a letter to the EU President nearly two weeks ago calling for Mr Oettinger […]

Prendergast slams German Commissioner’s half-wit half-mast idea

A European Commissioner’s support for making over-indebted countries fly their flags at half mast as a symbol of their sins is half-witted and offensive, Labour MEP Phil Prendergast said today. Commissioner Gunther Oettinger was reported referring to indebted countries as ‘deficit sinners’ who would be ‘deterred’ by having their national flags flown at half mast […]