EPA report sets out how to break the link between economic growth and environmental impact

Millions of Euro per year can be saved right across the economy and society if people use water, energy and raw materials in a better way – through efficient production processes and less wasteful consumption.  If we want our society to be competitive and sustainable we need to live better while using less.   This […]

Social Funding Programme launched for small projects and start-ups making difference in their communities

New Programme Seeks Projects with Social and Environmental Impacts in Ireland Celestial Green Ventures, an environmental conservation company based in Ireland, is pleased to announce the launch of their Social Funding Programme, aimed at helping small projects and start-ups all over the Republic of Ireland make a difference in their communities. Although their primary concern […]

EPA invites tenders for two-year research study on the environmental impacts of unconventional gas exploration and extraction in Ireland EPA001640

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has today invited tenders for a two-year research programme to further the understanding of the potential impacts on the environment and human health from Unconventional Gas Exploration & Extraction (fracking) projects and operations, including construction, operation and aftercare. While there is currently no exploratory or commercial drilling underway in relation […]