Munster Vales seeks input from the tourism trade to create its 5 Year Strategic Development Plan

These are truly unprecedented times for the tourism sector across the board. The industry is and will continue to face challenging times as Covid 19 remains in delay phase, we are all trying to steer a ship in troubled waters but we have to remain hopeful that our tourism industry will rise again and the effects of Covid 19 will in time subside.

With this in mind and trying to remain positive in uncertain times Munster Vales is delighted to announce that it will be commencing a five year strategic development plan for the region. The aim of the plan is to grow and develop Munster Vales as a tourism destination by maximising tourism business opportunities, stimulate alternative enterprise, provide supplementary income opportunities and maximise the value of Munster Vales as a tourism destination.

Munster Vales seeks input from the tourism trade to create its 5 Year Strategic Development PlanAs part of the development plan Munster Vales is giving its stakeholders the opportunity to review the progress to date, identify actions to develop Munster Vales as a brand and create awareness of the destination nationally and internationally.

Members of the tourism trade community are invited to complete the online survey to give their opinions and suggestions to the team that will be responsible for developing the Munster Vales Strategic Development Plan. There will be a prize of a Tipperary Food Producer Hamper awarded to one random lucky winner that completes the survey.

The survey can be accessed here:

Pat Slattery, Chairperson for Munster Vales said: “Munster Vales was first set up to encourage and support growth and economic development in this rural, mountainous region where tourism has the potential to become a thriving and sustainable industry. A core objective of Munster Vales is to continue to attract domestic and international visitors to this undiscovered region of Ireland in order to benefit the local communities, tourism providers and the local economy.

“We had originally intended to invite key stakeholders to workshops throughout Munster Vales in the coming weeks, however this is no longer practical with the ongoing concern of Covid-19 situation. We are instead inviting stakeholders to complete an online survey to ensure this five year strategy is grounded and as effective as possible.

Mairéad Winters, Acting Tourism Marketing Officer for Munster Vales said:

“Although this is a difficult time for everyone involved in the tourism sector we have to remain positive for the future of our industry. Covid-19 will subside and the tourism industry will in time recover from this. A strategic development plan now more than ever is vital in shaping the future for Munster Vales as a destination and supporting our stakeholders in their businesses.”

Munster Vales is a 1,100 kilometre stretch of olden routes and timeworn trails through the counties of Waterford, Tipperary, Cork and Limerick and across five mountain ranges.


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