Filmmaker And Illustrator, Cethan Leahy Wins Mercier Press Fiction Competition

Ireland’s oldest independent publishing house, Mercier Press has announced the winner of their fiction competition. Cork author, Cethan Leahy, has won the competition for his young adult novel Tuesdays are Just as Bad.

Obviously thrilled with his achievement, Cethan said ‘I still can’t believe I have won the Mercier Press Fiction Competition. It’s genuinely a dream come true. I am delighted (and slightly terrified!) that my characters will be out and about in the world, instead of just on my laptop.’

The book came top out of a shortlist of seven that was announced in May. Leahy, who has a background in filmmaking and illustration will receive a publishing contract with Mercier Press and a cash prize of €1,000.  Upon publication in June 2018, the book will be available worldwide.

Mary Feehan, Managing Director of Mercier Press, hailed Leahy as ‘an exciting new talent’, praising the author for his ‘storytelling ability, distinctive voice and his fantastic grasp of character. We are delighted to be publishing such a strong first novel and look forward to working with Cethan to bring Tuesdays are Just as Bad to the wide audience it deserves.’

Tuesdays are Just as Bad is set in Cork and tells the story of Adam, a teenager who as the result of a suicide attempt died and came back to life. Unfortunately, he brought his ‘ghost’ with him. Nameless, the ‘ghost’ follows Adam as he attempts to recommence his life, which becomes more complicated as a popular student (and brother of Adam’s bully) successfully kills himself. Dealing with issues such as depression and teenage but filtered through Cethan’s humane, witty and poignant writing, Tuesdays are Just as Bad, is undoubtedly the debut of an exciting now talent in Irish YA fiction.

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