Healy Demands immediate opening of vacant 40 bed Hospital Unit at Our Lady’s Hospital, Cashel.

Deputy Seamus Healy has again raised the scandal of a closed 40 bed unit at Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel while at the same time South Tipperary General Hospital is bursting at the seams.

Deputy Healy has raised the issue of overcrowding at South Tipperary General Hospital twice in the Dáil at the election of Taoiseach and is again raising this issue ahead of a debate on health in the Dáil tomorrow where he will again be calling for urgent action.

It is long since passed the time when the trolley crisis at the hospital must be tackled.

On the 10th March, the first day of the vote on the election of Taoiseach, there were 44 patients on trolleys at South Tipperary General Hospital, the highest number in the country. On the second day of the vote for Taoiseach there were 38 patients on trolleys and the numbers have been consistently high since well before Christmas.

It’s not as if there isn’t a solution to the problem. There is a very obvious solution.
There is an existing 40 bed hospital unit, moth balled, closed and lying idle at Our Lady’s Hospital, Cashel.

Deputy Healy is demanding that this unit be opened immediately to relieve the crisis at South Tipperary General Hospital.

It is not good enough that patients must lie for days on trolleys at South Tipperary General Hospital while the Health Service Executive does nothing.

Patients have no privacy and little or no access to wash and bathroom facilities.

The Emergency Department crisis is now affecting the whole hospital. The occupancy of the 79 medical beds is now running at 150% and general surgery and gynaecology procedures are being cancelled.

The whole hospital is now running at way above capacity, in the region of 130%, putting huge pressure on patients and staff and raising the issue of safety.

It is time to solve this situation once and for all and the solution is available and obvious – the opening of the Cashel Unit.

I will again be raising this issue in the Dáil tomorrow.

Seamus Healy T.D. 19/4/2016

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